Draco Malfoy gotta love and hate him part 1

Draco Malfoy gotta love and hate him part 1

Name: Jadea Potter
Relations: Harry Potter (twin brother)
Looks: Extreamly pretty with Long black hair and green eyes
This is for my fellow Draco lovers this is going to get dirty. :D

Chapter 1


I wake up with Aunt Petuina screaming for Harry to get up, for some reason they love me but not him. I go downstairs and Harry gets the mail, he hands Uncle Vernon two letters and has one, I read it over his shoulder and it was adressed to bothof us. Uncle Vernon took one look at it and nearly fainted. We kept getting letters and finally Uncle Vernon took us to an island. There was a loud bang on the door Harry and I bolted awake. In walked a large hairy man. We found out how our parents was magical and so were we and that we got accepted into Hogwarts. I guess that was a big deal because Uncle Vernon screamed saying there was no way were going. Then Hagrid gave Dudley a pig tail and we left to go shopping for school supplies.
Harry and I were completly lost trying to look for platform 9 3/4. We then heard a lady tell her kids to follow her to platform 9 3/4. So naturally we followed and soon we were on the train. I was following Harry when three boys got in my way.
"Um-move." I said glaring at them. The one who seemed to bbe their leader smirked and didn't move, so I just pushed them out of my way. I found Harry in a cabin with a red haired freckled faced boy. He stared at me and then smiled.
"I'm Ron"
"I'm Jadea, Harry's twin sister." We talked the whole way there, we also met a girl called Hermione. We took the boats to the castle and were told we were being sorted into our houses.
"Hermione Granger" and a couple of seconds later the ugly old hat put her in Gryffindor. Ron got sorted there too, The boy i shoved past earlier got put in Slytherin along with his two followers.
"Harry Potter." This time the hat took a really long time before it screamed "Gryffindor" That whole table clapped and cheered.
"Jadea Potter." I walked up and sat down.
"Hmm very difficult. Smart maybe Ravenclaw." The hat said in my ear
"Stupid hat what does it know." I mummbled
"There is the Slytherin attitude." Then it made up it's mind. "Slytherin!" It screamed and I looked at Harry with sad eyes. I made my way over to the table and sat next to a kid named Blaise. The kid who I shoved earlier, who I found out was named Draco, stared at me. After dinner we went to our dorms, I fell right to sleep. Today was my first day of classes I liked all of my classes and the Gryffindors were in most of them. I loved potion, many people didn't like the teacher but I liked him. He gave my house like twenty points.
(It's almost the end of the year)
Harry is so busy, along with Ron who is a really good friend and, Also my study partner Hermione was busy so I was left to entertain myself. I did this mostly pranking people. I was heading back to the Slytherin common room when Draco blocked my path with rage in his eyes.
"You!" was all he said
"What?" I said and smiled innocently at him.
"You know what" He said and I couldn't help but laugh at him. I put on a spell on him so evrytime he went to leave the common room he'd walk into a giant mud pille ruining his good shoes.
"Come on it was funny."
"No it wasn't"
"Well then don't make fun of my twin." I glared at him and he glared back.
"I'll do what I want Potter."
"Whatever, you greasy haired troll." Something flashed in his eyes and he looked hurt but then he smirked.
"Why don't you run along and hang out with your Gryffindor friends- oh wait they're too busy for you." With that he turned and walked away. God I hate him, all year long it's been this way. He is - I don't think there's any words strong enough. I walked into the common room and Blaise and Pansy was there I rolled my eyes I really don't like Pansy. Blaise on the other hand was a great friend.
"Hello J." He said and smiled and I smiled back. Pansy, who was so obsessed with Draco it wasn't even funny, smiled at me but it wasn't friendly.
We were boarding the train heading home and I sat with Ron, Harry, and Hermione.
"I'm going to get something to eat want anything guys?"
"A choclate frog." Ron said Harry and Hermione didn't want anything. The trolley cart was down where Draco and them were sitting and I walked proudly up to the cart.
"J!" Blaise said and pulled me into the cabin. Draco, Crabbe, Goyle, and Pansy were there.
"Hello Blaise." I said and smiled at Crabbe, Goyle and Pansy. I glared at Malfoy though.
"Jadea where are you?" Ron said and stopped when he saw Draco.
"Bye Blaise." I said and left with Ron. We got home and I was already missing school.


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