Dying to tell you (A one direction love story)

Dying to tell you (A one direction love story)

Main character's name: Courtney Flow
Age: 17
Appearance: Medium height, hazelnut couloured eyes, long silky brown light hair and skinny
Personality: Funny, Unique, Loud, Talkitive, Kind Hearted, Energetic and very helpful!
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Courtney has a cavoodle named Lucinda, Lucinda is smart, cute and very friendly to all Courtney's friends and loves to play.

Chapter 3

I start to say I love you

"Courtney, Courtney wake up!" said Naomi pointing to my phone while I was opening my eyes and getting up from my bed. I reached for my phone and saw the time it was 5PM I got up sat on the floor, Sapphire and Naomi went to get the make-up from the bathroom, Mackenzie started doing my hair.

When Sapphire and Naomi got back Sapphire put the make-up on the floor and started putting make-up on me while Naomi went to get the clothes I was wearing for my date in my walk in wardrobe, when she got it she laid it on my bed and straightened it then she walked to where we were.

By the time we finished doing my hair and make-up it was 6.30PM, My hair was curled/waved it looked really good on me and the girls agreed and my makeup was just perfect. We chatted some more then I went to get changed into my lovely dress in the bathroom, when I went back in my room they were just sitting there talking and playing with Lucinda, I went and sat down with them and played with Lucinda as well, I put my hair at the back because Lucinda will mess it up and I want this night to be wonderful.

It is 7PM now and there is still an hour left, I asked Sapphire, Mackenzie, Naomi and Lucinda what they were going to do when I go, Sapphire replied "Ummm..... I'm not sure yet I didn't think about that yet, I only thought about you and how your date is going to be" Then Mackenzie added "We'll think of something, just don't worry about us and have a great time" They all smiled happily and so did I, We went to the kitchen I went to get the dog food, Sapphire got the plates for their dinner, Mackenzie went on the phone and ordered Nandos for tonight and Naomi was just playing with Lucinda.

When Lucinda saw the dog food she just ran to me and Naomi just went at sat on the living room couch, We went to my room again and put my jewellery and high heels on and looked into the mirror to put my hair back into place and got my purse and put my phone, lip gloss and carry on mirror.

By now it is 6.55PM so I went to stand next to the door so did Sapphire, Mackenzie, Naomi and Lucinda, We were talking when I heard the door bell ring, we all squealed quietly and they all fixed my hair, dress and jewelerry before I opened the door, There was my prince charming handing a bunch of red roses smiling I smiled back and took the roses, looked at it and said "They're beautiful", He was being a real gentlemen to me.

We went off and I smiled and waved goodbye to Sapphire, Mackenzie, Naomi and Lucinda. The door closed behind us and we went towards the limo, I was really surprised! We both went in and the driver started the car, Liam and I were holding hands while we both were looking out the window.

When we got out of the limo in front of me was a beautiful expensive resturant full of couples, we went inside and went to our seats and we got the menus there was really delicious meals on the menu, I couldn't decide what to get so I asked Liam what he was getting, he's getting spaghetti with meatballs and for dessert a chocolate coated biscuit with frosting and shaved chocolate on top, I looked at the menu and decided to get cheese and spinach ravioli and for dessert the same as Liam.

When the food arrived we started eating while laughing and talking, there was a ballroom at the back so Liam and I walked over to the ballroom and lovely music started playing there was beautiful and colorful lights everywhere, we were the only one there, I put my arms around his neck and he put his arms around my waist we started dancing and talking at the same time, in my head I wanted to tell him that he is a sweet and kind guy but I couldn't because my tongue was tied and he was just so adorable.
The next song was familiar it was gotta be you, he sang while holding my hand and coming close towards me and kept smiling because it was just so sweet of him singing to me, in my head I was saying stuff to myself like 'this date is perfect, i wish i could grab on to this moment forever' and 'should I lean close to him and give him a kiss', when the song ended he gave me cheek kiss I was glowing, we went back to our table and just in time the desserts came Liam was really happy because he loves chocolate and so did I, I told him today it was a magical day and he agreed, when we finished the desserts Liam went to pay and I waited for him, we got in the car and ..................


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