Dying to tell you (A one direction love story)

Dying to tell you (A one direction love story)

Main character's name: Courtney Flow
Age: 17
Appearance: Medium height, hazelnut couloured eyes, long silky brown light hair and skinny
Personality: Funny, Unique, Loud, Talkitive, Kind Hearted, Energetic and very helpful!
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Courtney has a cavoodle named Lucinda, Lucinda is smart, cute and very friendly to all Courtney's friends and loves to play.

Chapter 2

Let's go shopping!

It's now 8PM and we haven't ate yet so Sapphire, Mackenzie, Lucinda and I go get take out food, we go buy pizza- Hawaiian and bring it home, while Sapphire puts the pizza on the table, Mackenzie and I go into the kitchen, Mackenzie went to get plates and I went to get the dog food for Lucinda while we were eating Lucinda was too, When we finished it was 8.30PM so we went into my room and chatted a little then we went to get changed I got changed in my room, Mackenzie got dressed in the room she and Sapphire was going to sleep in and Sapphire got changed in the bathroom, when we got changed we meet up in my room again.

I was wearing my purple and white polka dot pj set that Sapphire got me for our Friend Anniversary, Mackenzie was wearing her blue and white striped t-shirt and some grey comfortable pants, Sapphire was wearing her silk pale purple pj long sleeve top and short shorts and Lucinda was wearing this cute purple cotton one set that I bought her for her 2nd birthday and I got her pink bed and sheets for her 1st birthday and to top it off I threw her a party.

It was 9PM now so Sapphire, Mackenzie and I went into the room that they both were sleeping in that was next to my room and got their bed ready, I left them both in the room and went to my room where Lucinda was sleeping peacefully, I climbed in my bed and drifted off to sleep.


"Good morning Lucinda" I said while yawning and getting up from my bed, Lucinda come walking to my bed and tries to get on it, I get up and make my bed and start heading to the kitchen, I feed Lucinda first then start making pancakes when I was done I let them cool down and go get changed, Today I was wearing my white ruffle silk t-shirt,black and blue skirt and black wedges.

By then it was 9AM so I yelled out "Sapphire and Mackenzie, Breakfast is ready" When they go to the dining room I went to get the maple syrup, Sapphire was wearing her white singlet, blue high waist shorts and a pair of white flats and Mackenzie was wearing her purple dress with a nice black belt and black high heels.

When we finished breakfast we went to get our stuff and start heading to the mall, when we got there the first shop we went was my favourite clothing shop named Try it, Love it, Buy it!

We went in and started picking clothes that we liked the 1st one I tried on was a white short front long back it looked nice but it wasn't cute enough so the 2nd one I tried on was a black long sleeve short dress it was really good so I bought it then the next shop we went to was Slip it on (a shoe shop)! I tried on 2 pairs of shoes the 1st one I tried was black sparkly high heels it looked good but wasn't WOW so the 2nd one I tried on was ruby red high heels it matched my dress and it was really nice so I bought it, the last shop i went was Glamorous (a accessory shop) I looked at all the accessory and the first one i picked was just perfect it was a silver necklace and bracelet that matched perfectly with me outfit, Lucinda was jumping, Mackenzie and Sapphire was squealing and so was I, when we were done it was 1PM, so we went to the food court to go eat.

When we got to the food court we went to order our food I got a chicken burger, Sapphire got small chips and Mackenzie got Nandos chicken because thats her favourite resturant, When we finsh eating we went to the pet store and bought Lucinda some food to eat, we were so tired so we went home when we got home I went straight into my room and lied there for a while Sapphire and Mackenzie did the same but Lucinda was full of enery still so we took her to the dog park for her fun time because we already had ours at the mall.

We got to the dog park and when I got took of Lucinda's leash she just bolted with joy and ran in circles, Sapphire, Mackenzie and I giggled, we played fetch, dog chasing, ball catch and more, it was really fun but then we had to go, It was 3PM when we got home so I went to have a shower and when I was done I went in my room and had a nap and kept thinking about Liam and our date tonight.

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