Love Makes the World Go Down

Love Makes the World Go Down is about a girl who just feels that love isn't always easy and sometimes very hard. Read to find out what mistakes she makes and how she learns to deal with them.

Chapter 1


"Oh my gosh! Sara you still haven't told us who you like! Spill it!" One of my best friends, Amy, said.
Amy had blonde hair, blue eyes, and was quite often found making drama.
"Oh yea! I like Griffon." I replied, reaching into the bowl of M&M's.
I have brown hair, blue eyes, and i love my friends.
"I already knew that, because you told me the other day." Carly said.
Carly had been my best friend since before middle school started, since before i meant any of my other best friends. I told her everything first. She had dirty blonde hair, and blue eyes with hazle circles on the outside. She hated drama, too bad she was in our clique. We had ton's of drama.
"Yea. He's not cute, but he is nice and i think he likes me too! Because in english he always flirts with me." I told them, blushing a little.
"He's really good at soccer. I go to all of his games because Mark's on the same team as him." Amy replied, a smile on her face.
Mark was Amy's little brother.
"You guys would be cute together." Amy continued, i agreed.
Griffon and i just got along so well! He always talked to me in class. Right now he was my friend, but we had been flirting with each other alot. I wanted to get his digits, but i was too afraid to ask for myself.
"Could either of you guys get his number for me? When we get off of spring break on Monday?" I asked them.
"Sure! Ooooo Sara's crushing!" Carly said to me. She always teased me in a funny way. It made me laugh.
"I will too. What do you want me to say?" Amy asked.
"I don't know. What were you thinking?" I smiled. They were both such good friends.
"Hey Griffon, Sara wants your number so she can call you!" Carly mocked.
Again i laughed.
"No! Amy what were you thinking?"
"I'll just go up to him and say "hey griffon, Sara want's to know what your cell number is."" Amy replied.
"Ok, that sounds good!" I looked at both of them more serious now. "Don't tell anyone i like him okay?"
They both nodded and said, "Ok i swear i won't."
"Yay! Now let's get back to watching these movies!" I said.
Amy put in the next Child's Play movie and pressed play. These movies always made me laugh because of how stupid they were.

Little did i know that i was just as stupid.........

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