Stories by a Five Year Old Girl

Dictated by a child. Typed by an adult.

Chapter 3

Finding a Strange Jewel

by: Quibblo
Collette used to have a mom and a dad, but now her dad is dead. Last week, when her family was fishing at sea, a shark ate her dad. Since she couldn't see her dad any more, she would dream about going out to get ice cream with him.

There used to be rainbows after the rain, but there weren't anymore. Collette said to her mom, "I really want my dad. I wish he were here." "But, honey, your dad is dead," her mom said.

So Collete and her mom went to park to swing on the swings. Her mom was pushing her on the swing. "Weeeeee," Collette said. She was going too fast, and she wanted her friends to see, but she got scared, so she slowed down. "I think I'll go get a drink," she said, but she bumped her head. "Hey, I can't see anything!" she yelled. The swing was just in front of her was okay. She liked to swing on her belly. Then she went on the slide and pretended her dad was sliding on the slide with her.

When she hopped off the slide, she found a strange jewel. It was a crystal jewel that belonged in a magical cave. Collette said, "I'd better keep this. I don't want anything to happen to it." She put the jewel on a swing next to her, and it started swinging by itself. "What a strange jewel," Collette said. The jewel jumped off the swing and rolled away really fast. Collette ran after the jewel, and when she picked it up, she turned into a princess.

"Whoa, what happened to me?" Collette said. Her mom didn't recognize her and walked right by. Collette wanted her mom to recognize her, but she didn't want her to know about the jewel, since she was going to give it to her mom for her birthday tomorrow. So, she put the jewel on top of her head, and it turned her back into herself.

Collette took the jewel to her room and put it on the floor. She thought the jewel liked her, but then it did a strange thing: it bounced right into her belly. "Ow!" yelled Collette. Her big sister came in her room and saw the jewel and took it! But the jewel didn't like the big sister, so it went crazy in her room. It spun around and around, then flew off and landed on Collette's head. Then, it turned into a plain hairbrush, and Collette used it to brush her hair for the birthday party.

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