Stories by a Five Year Old Girl

Dictated by a child. Typed by an adult.

Chapter 2

The First Day

by: Quibblo
Once there was a little baby cow that started to grow and grow, but everything was just wrong about the baby cow. She couldn't make any milk for the town. So, all the cows had to eat grass and make milk, but the rest of the baby cows didn't know how to make milk.

They went to a different farm with different cows. But something's not right! If only their parents would go with them, they wouldn't be scared. Their parents would kill the bears.

Then, the Little Flute Boy got all the baby cows and put them in his cave, but he didn't have his flute, so he didn't know how the cows got there. Little Flute Boy said, "That's odd. Why are there cows in my cave? How did they get here?" Then, Little Flute Boy had a thought. It was a very smart idea. He found Little Flute Girl, and they got the baby cows back to their parents.

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