Stories by a Five Year Old Girl

Dictated by a child. Typed by an adult.

Chapter 1

The Mysterious Mermaid

by: Quibblo
Once upon a time, there was a mysterious mermaid. She went to a Mermaid Garden, but she never saw anybody. Then, she saw a mermaid prince. She knew that she had to go home to her father, but the prince didn't want her to go. He didn't want her to go, because everything wasn't right for the mermaid. She thought it was her birthday, but it wasn't, and if she didn't come home, her father would be angry. Maybe she wouldn't listen to her father any more, because he was just too angry.

Later that day, a princess walked into the water and became a mermaid. She knew just what to do! Piranhas came to eat her up, but she swam away really fast. But then, the piranhas went after the mysterious mermaid! The princess found the mermaid, and she said, "I don't have a family anymore, so I don't have anywhere to go. The piranhas ate my parents!" The mysterious mermaid was a princess, but she didn't know it, which is why she was mysterious and mean sometimes. She went into the snow water, and she shrunk into a little old woman who couldn't swim. She died.

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