Summer's Twist

Of all the things, Olivia and Megan, two totally oppisite cousins have to spend a summer together at thier grandma's beach house. Together they create many disasters for there whole family but in the process, they learn to love each other so much more.

Chapter 1

About Megan Carr

Hi, I'm Megan Carr. Currently, I'm 17. I have wavy blonde hair, cut off at my shoulders and I always wear it down. The few freckles that dot my cheeks, I cover up with blush. My eyes usaully glow a smooth blue, but sometimes are speckled green.

I play on my Highschool soccer team and am an average student. Since I go to a boarding school, I share a dorm with my best friend Ashton Baker. It is now summer and I'm heading home. This is where my story begins.

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