The Resistance ~ An Original Story

Aliens have attacked Earth. The humans are going crazy at this time of great danger; stealing, trusting no one, murder. Nobody and nothing is safe.

A sixteen-year-old girl, Esmeralda Green, is fighting to stay alive. She will soon be faced with the choice of good or evil, going the easy way or doing what is right.

Join Esmeralda in her adventure against the aliens!

Chapter 1

The Sighting

Please know that if you're reading this, your life is in danger. The aliens will find you. They don't want anyone to know their weaknesses and secrets. So if you'd rather your life be safe and out of harm's way, please stop reading this right now and indulge in food, play outside, whatever you wish, for danger will find you. However, if you don't mind brutal aliens knocking on your door, this will most certainly give you a few advantages in defeating them.

I guess I should start the story now, but I don't know where to do so. There are so many easy ways to begin, but you'd miss out on a lot and probably not understand half of what's going on. I guess I'll embark you on the journey where I first heard of the sign that aliens we're coming.

I was sprawled out on my couch and stuffing junk food in my face like I do on most Saturdays. My parents certainly wouldn't approve of the amount of calories I was absorbing, since well-brought-up daughters are supposed to 'eat like young ladies' and 'only indulge in lush delicacies, not rubbish like chips.' I hated being rich and would do anything to live like normal people and do normal things like see a movie, not go to fancy balls or galas basically every weekend.

Right in the middle of Spongebob, a special news report about a UFO came on. I thought it was a load of rubbish then, and I was very disappointed I'd never know what happened to Spongebob's pet seahorse. I heard of alien sightings plenty of times and saw quite a few videos about it on YouTube. They never looked real and I always dismissed them. Once they showed the UFO though, my previous disbelief vanished. It looked entirely real; flashing lights, gigantic, and utterly menacing. The reporter recommended precautions such as weapons, hiding spots, and a simple evacuation plan that wouldn't involve much noise or you being visible.

I was never much for following orders, but I didn't want to die at the hands of aliens at my own house, so I wrote down possible places to hide and as simple of an escape plan as I could manage. I hoped that injuries wouldn't be too extreme from jumping out of a third-story window, because that would make it highly difficult to run away.


Later that night, I put on the news to see if there was going to be any more information about the UFO sighting. My frizzy, light brown hair was in a mess of a ponytail so stray hairs wouldn't get in the way of watching my TV screen. I was slightly annoyed, because all the news were showing was videos of the UFO and other thing I already saw. I was beginning to zone out, but the mention of a list possible deaths from unknown causes after a brief commercial break snapped me out of it.

I hoped that no one I knew was going to be listed as dead. When people that I know die, I find myself reminiscing in memories that involve them and become filled with large amounts of grief and sorrow, wishing to relive those memories so dearly. It's a hard habit to get out of, for I do it without thinking.

Angered thoughts about the commercial break not being brief and how unreliable news channels could be disintegrated when the news came back. I crossed my fingers and prayed silently that my friends and family were safe.

I suddenly realized that my parents were awfully late to come home from work. Oh, no, I thought, My parents can't be on that list. They just can't. I bit my lip so hard that it started to bleed, waiting anxiously for the list to get to the G's. My hearing piped up when I heard the last name Gabriel.

"Gall, Emily
Garrett, Frank
Gerosa, Lisa
Green, Mike
Green, Elizabeth," the newscaster said. My heart dropped. My parents, Mike and Elizabeth, were dead. I may resent them over half of the time, but they're my parents. I love them. They can't be gone. This has to be a dream.

I clenched my fist and emptied my mind from childhood memories involving my parents. I decided that I couldn't stay at my house any longer. All the memories with my mom and dad would make me want to give up. I had to run away from home and start a new life as a run-away teenager.

I slowly walked up to my bedroom, fighting the urge to huddle into a heap and bawl, packed a backpack with necessary belongings, and left my house. If I knew what danger, risk, and terror I was going to face, I most definitely would not have ran away and instead never leave the safety of the covers on my bed.

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