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Chapter 3

Wait For Me (Niall One Shot)

"Where the hell is he?" I asked.
We were at the park near the lake, waiting for Niall to come. Doesn't even come to help at his own party, my God.
"Don't worry, Tammy, he'll be here soon. Maybe when the party starts he'll come," my best friend Kiera implied. She thought of the party in the first place.
I shrugged and helped tie up the banner from two trees. Kiera and I stepped down from the chairs and looked at our masterpiece.
'GOOD LUCK IN X-FACTOR NIALL!!' it read on the banner.
"Job well done," I said with a nod of approval. We got chairs, tables and food ready; a lot of food ready as it was Niall party and he'll be vacuum cleaner sucking everything up...

Night sky dwindled above us as the guest started to arrive. Kiera switched on the fairy lights and the place looked magical. I greeted everyone, hugged a few friends, met some of Niall's friends and close cousins.
I spun around and saw Niall running up to me with open arms. I smiled and ran for him.
"Thank you so much for the party," he said as he hugged me.
"Well, we can't leave your X-Factor departure unnoticed, can we?" I said.
We walked over to party when someone yelled:
"Oi, Niall, if your leaving, you might as well start dating Tammy tonight!"
I blushed really hard, but I realized that wasn't the only reason why. Niall has his arm around me. He flashed a smile and we danced together...

After the party died down a bit, I went to the edge of the lake. It's waters calmed me for some reason, just looking at it.
"You want some company?"
Niall sighed as he crouched and sat right next to me. It was dark but I could tell his eyes were as blue as the waters.
"Tammy, I need to tell you something," he suddnely said sternly.
I turned around to see him.
"I'm listening."
he took in a breath.
"Well, if I do win on X-Factor, and we don't see eachother as much," he started, "Wait for me."
"Okay," I whispered. I was almost about to cry. I didn't want him to leave.
"Don't cry," he quietly said. He leaned in and kissed me. I felt like crying even more, but something urged me to stay strong. I don't know how long we kissed for but I really didn't it want it to end...


The lake had frozen and I was skating on top of it. I loved skating, almost gliding on ice made me feel like flying. Spinning, twisting, all the things I loved. Slowly, I stopped. I saw someone walking to my bag on the edge of the lake. I could tell he had blonde, spiked hair. Throwing a mocking smile, I skated over to him.
"Hi, there." The figure said.
Niall. Excitement raced up me and farantically skated over to him. He stood up and laughed. When I was on the grass, I kicked off my skates and ran over to him.
"Miss me?" He asked.
I hugged him and I kissed him quickly. When we stopped he said:
"So you did wait for me."

I'm soooooooooooo sorry that I took so long with the chap, because I just finished this during english class and Quibblo crashed yeaterday so I had no time at all. Thank you for inviting me spicyunicorn!

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