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Chapter 2

You again?!

I sat underneath the scorching sun, building a sandcastle at the beach in Bradford. So far my sand castle wasn't going very good. "Hi..can I borrow your bucket?" I turned around to see a little boy, maybe 7, which was my age standing behind me. "Why? You're not gonna steal it, are ya?" I said and he looked fascinted by my American accent. I was on vacation at my aunt's house for the summer because my parents were off in Hawaii, having 'alone time'. Which probably meant kissing. Eeew, gross. "No! I wanna help you make your sandcastle," He said indignantly. " 'Kay then, you can have it, "I said and handed him the bucket. He started to get to work on building the sandcastle which actually came along decently. I, however, sat there and watched. I felt like a princess. "I'm Brittany," I said after a little bit. "I'm Zayn," The boy said and continued to fix the castle. "Zaaayn!" Someone called from behind us. "Time to go!" I looked up and it looked like maybe Zayn's mom who had been calling him. "Awww...I gotta go," He said. "Bye!" I said as he stood up and ran off to his Mom.
~Normal time now!~
I'm sitting at the Bradford beach. It's been years since I've seen that kid but right now I swear to God I'm looking at him. I just graduated from high school and as a treat my parents have sent me to my aunt's house again, 'A treat for you!' They said. I think they just wanted me to get out of the house faster. But anyways, I'm sitting behind a guy with spiky black hair. It totally reminds me of that boy, Zayn. But that can't be possible. It's been, what? Twelve years since I saw him? But smewhere inside me I find the courage to walk up to the boy, tap him on the shoulder, and say politly, "Excuse me, but I met a boy on this beach a really long time ago and-" He interrupts my little speech with, "Brittany?!" And suddenly I know where else I recognize him from. One Direction. And he remembers my name!! I can hardly keep from squealing as I say, "And you're Zayn, right?! I can't believe you remember me!" I smile as the boy sits up a little bit and takes off his dark sunglasses. Wow. Those eyes are the sparkliest thing I've seen since the Great Glitter Gun attack of '05. (Completly different story. Not gonna get into it now!) "Of course I remember you! We only talked for like, five minutes but that was one of my best memories at the beach!" He talks animatedly. "Really?" I say incredulously and blush. Zayn. Remembers me. From 12 years ago. I now officially love this beach. "Yeah! Here, sit down," Zayn says and knocks a boy sitting next to him off of his chair. "Zayn!" The boy is yelling but I sit down anyway. We talk happily for ten minutes about why I'm at this beach and how long it's been and how fun the X-factor was. "Let's get lunch," He says, out of the blue. "Okay.." I reply akwardly. Well what other way is there to reply than akwardly to Zayn Malik?! "Wait..right now?" I say, because he's standing up and covering up his very lovely chest with a t-shirt and gathering his things together. "Yes! Of course right now!" He grins and picks up his bag. "I-uh-okay..lemme get my things.."I say and race over to my chair, not believing that any of what I'm doing is real and shove all of my stuff into my purse, except for my t-shirt(I was wearing a bikini top with jean shorts) which I was speedily pulling over my
head. "Okay, I'm ready!!" I giggle/pant as I trot up to him. Zayn. The Zayn. "Let's go then!" Zayn says, taking my arm and I'm pretty sure I'm about to faint. "Uh, where?" I say and I'm really hoping I don't pass out or start to fangirl in public. "I know a place," Zayn grins evilly and I hope he's not planning on taking me to a fast food restauraunt. Or worse. His parents. I shudder at the thought. Luckily he's turning into a small bakery where you can feel that it's a homey place by just smelling it. It smells like fresh baked chocolate chip cookies and it reminds me of Grandma's house. "I love this place!" I'm gasping as we walk in the door. It's nothing too fancy but I'm loving the display of cookies, which I'm staring at longingly. "I thought you would like it," Zayn says as he walks up to the counter. "What do you want? I'm paying,so you can pig out if you want," He smiles and looks down at me. My heart melts a little bit.
"Uhh..two chocolate chip cookies please..and a cupcake..and a brownie," I say to the lady at the cash register, hoping Zayn doesn't think I'm crazy. He obviously doesn't, because he whispers in my ear, "Good thing Niall isn't here. I wouldn't want him to take you from me." I blush fiercly and try to say something nice back, but it comes out as, 'Aaaaaawwwwwwwwwwww!" And he grins like a maniac. Zayn turns back to the elderly lady behind the counter to order and right now I have a chance to really look him over. Spiky black hair, brown eyes that if you look close enough they appear to be hazel, and his ears were pierced. He orders a mess of things, such as 'that minty-looking thing', and 'whatever flavor that cupcake is'. I'm thinking that he's trying to become Niall when I see all the food he has. "How are you gonna eat all of that?" I giggle when the lady hands him the bag o' stuff. "Niall will probably want some," he explains as we sit down at a table. "Oooohh...." I say and I shove one of my epicly delicious cookies in my mouth. "Thhiiisss is soooo gooood!!" I smile and eat the cookie in two bites. Zayn smiles as well and I can't help but attack another one of these amazing cookies. "You really like cookies, huh?" He raises an eyebrow as I quickly finish my second cookie. I nod happily. "Then I'll call you Cookie!" He says, grinning like the Cheshire cat. (Sudden realization. Harry likes Cats. Harry likes Cheshire. 0.0 Cheshire cats!?) I start giggling. Zayn has a nickname for me. I feel like a princess. "Okay!" I say happily and grab my rainbow sprinkled cupcake. I'm about to take a bite when Zayn recieves a text message. "Aw man!!! I havta go!!" He groans and I can feel my heart sinking. "Awww....that sucks.." I say and slowly lower my cupcake. "! Here's my number," Zayn says and grabs my phone which is lying out on the counter. I'm embarresed that I have a chibi One Direction background but he doesn't say anything about it as he's typing in his number. "I really need to go, but it was sooo amazing that I got to see you again!" Zayn smiles and grabs his bags, and as he stands up he gives me a quick kiss on the cheek. "Niice to see you tooooo...." I say in a dreamily voice but Zayn is already gone, leaving me to fantasize about our future lives together( i.e: How many kids are we going to have, who's going to be Bridesmaids, stuff like that) and write the story on my nifty lil laptop here and post it to Quibblo before I die of happiness. :3

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