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Be as free as you like! Chose your favorite 1D member and write your romance (or bromance) with him! Try to be as creatives as can be! Express yourself in your chapter! You can always come back and write another chapter with a different member! Please don't be mean when commenting about people's stories! Everyone has their own way of writing, don't stop their imagination!

Chapter 1


(before he became a star)
"Isn't he cute?" I asked my friend while sitting in history.
"Yeah, I guess. But I hear he dies his hair," Mirassi just snapped not interested in him at all.
"So? He sings great, is so nice, and he eats a lot!" I boasted.
"I hope you're taking about King Aurthor, Sam," Mr. Gesser looked at me tring to hide his laughter.
"Sorry," I looked down embrassed.
"So you both eat a lot? Oh the great romance!" Mirassi whispered.
"I know I'll be his bride," I whispered and smiled looking at Niall.
"Woah, slow down there. You're in 7th grade. He hasn't even asked you out!" She whispered strongly back. That ended our converstation.
(then next day)
"Did you hear that Sam likes Niall?!"
"What?! No way!"
"Huh?" People were talking about me liking Niall?! How did they know?! "Mirassi!" I yelled and ran into the locker room.
"What?" She asked. "What's wrong?"
"You told someone that I like Niall! Now the whole school knows it!" I plobled down on the bench crying. "Why?"
"I'm sorry. I just blurted it out in a coverstation and it spread like wild fire," She sat down next to me.
"Just go away!" I ran out of the room. Suprised, no one was in the hallway. I must've missed the bell or something. But I didn't care! I ran out side and sat right down next to the snack machine crying. Crying my heart out cuz now I'm the big fool of the school. Everyone knew my secert.
"Are you okay?" Niall looked to the side of the snack machine to find me, crying. What joy. "Oh!" His snack fell out of the machine and on the floor.
"Smooth," I giggled.
He picked it up, "Snack cake? I have two."
"Sure," I smiled and held out my hand.
"Magic word?" He opened the package and held out the chocolate cake.
"Please?" I laughed.
"Good girl," He laughed and dropped it in my hand. "Why are you so down in the dumps?" He took at bite of his.
"No reason, I'm just embrassed about something," I looked down at my free treat.
"Is it because the whole school knows you like me?" He blushed and looked at me. "It's fine. It's kind of cute to know a girl likes me." I looked up. "Exspecialy you," He kissed my cheek.
"Uh," I blushed and took a bite of my cake. The bell rang and he stood up and grabbed his bag. "See you again?"
"Yeah," He smiled and walked away going the crowd. Time went on, I didn't know we would just be friends. Kissing each other on the cheek once in a while.

Later on in high school he told me he was going to be on the XFactor. "That's crazy," I told him.
"So you don't beleive in me?! How rude!" He crossed his arms and turned away.
"Fine, then sing!" I laughed just teasing him around. Sure enough he started singing. I loved his voice, it sounds so beautiful! "That was okay," I said miniicing Simon Cowel.
"I'll be a star you wait and see!" We laughed together.

"Wow, look how famous he is.," I say to my college room mate, Meg.
"Didn't you used to be friends with him?" Meg says packing up her bag for summer break.
"Yeah, I had a huge crush on him, and still do," I blushed.
"You have his number right?" Maybe he didn't change it," She looks at me trying to help me.
"Fine, I'll call him. But we haven't talked for a few years," I picked up my phone and dailed his number.
"Hello?" He answers. "Sam? Is this you?"
"Niall hey! How's it going being a big star now?" I smiled and gave my room mate a thumbs up. We kept talking and talking for hours.

A few weeks later I flew out to london to see him and his new friends for a while. When I got to their house I was suprised by all the junk. "Uh.."
"Welcome to our crib, Sam! Niall was so excited to have you come! He couldn't stop talking about you..." Harry boasts.
"Niall was like a little kid with a huge crush!" Louis gave Niall a rub on the head. "He kept going on and on about all the times you guys had together! 'Oh and her hair is just so soft! Did I mention she eats the same amounts I do and doesn't gain weight?!'"
" 'Oh and the way she looks ypu in the eye!'" Laim laughed joining in mocking Niall.
"He keeps singing 'What Makes You Beautiful' and changing 'her' and 'she' with your name!" Zayn laughed.
"Hey, guys! stop it!" Niall blushed and looked down.
"It's okay," I walked over to him. "I think it's cute to have someone like me," I smiled. "Exspecialy you," I kissed him.
"OHHHHHH!" The rest of the boys laughed as we kissed. We soon joined in.

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