Three Little Words (A One Direction Group Story)

Hi guys!

Eve14's character
Name: Layla Price
Age: 18
Appearence: Medium height,brown sparkly eyes, long silky wavy dark sandy brown hair and skinny

MrsPayne_Horan_Tomlinson's charcater
Name: Savanah Mai
Age: 18
Appearance:Tall, crystal blue eyes, skinny and long red velvet silky wavy hair

Mrs_Niall_Horan's character
Name: Caeley Tomlinson
Age: 18
Appearence: Dark chocolate layered hair and a long side fringe, medium to tall height, dark blue eyes and skinny


Chapter 2

Meeting them at the door

Savannah's POV
When Caeley went to answer the door all I heard was "LOUIS!" I turned around to see her jumping in to her cousins arms.
"How are my favourite little cousin?" He said.
"I'm fine, how are you?" She said back smiling like there was no tomorrow.
"I'm great, I missed you so much"
"Same here, come in." She gesturing him to come inside.
"Um...I have friends with me." He said a little less happy.
"Oh...They can come in too."
"Cool, come on in boys." He said. Walking behind him was Niall, Zayn, Liam and Harry.

I was so nerves me and Layla sunck into the couch hoping the didn't notice us but, Caeley pointed us out so, we had to get up and greet them. We went down the line giving each of them a hand shake.
"Hi, I'm Savannah and this is Layla." I said pointing to her.
When I went to shake Harry's hand he just stared at me blankly.
"Oh...Sorry I'm Harry." He said to me.
I also noticed that Lay and Liam had a moment and so did Caeley and Niall.

We went and sat down on the couch and started talking. I didn't really talk to anyone expect for Louis and the girls because me and Louis use to talk all the time. I was way to shy to talk to anyone. The boys started talking about them staying in a hotel. Then all I hear come from Caeley's mouth is "You should stay here. Hotels are way to expensive." I almost blacked out.

Harry's POV
"Sure." Louis said
Yes! I get to spend more time with Savannah so, I get to know her better. This couldn't get any better.
Thanks for reading. The first chapter was written by Mrs_Niall_Horan but this chapter was written by MrsPayne_Horan_Tomlinson. Hope you liked it.

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