Three Little Words (A One Direction Group Story)

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Eve14's character
Name: Layla Price
Age: 18
Appearence: Medium height,brown sparkly eyes, long silky wavy dark sandy brown hair and skinny

MrsPayne_Horan_Tomlinson's charcater
Name: Savanah Mai
Age: 18
Appearance:Tall, crystal blue eyes, skinny and long red velvet silky wavy hair

Mrs_Niall_Horan's character
Name: Caeley Tomlinson
Age: 18
Appearence: Dark chocolate layered hair and a long side fringe, medium to tall height, dark blue eyes and skinny


Chapter 10

My boy

We were at the fair when everyone decided to stroll off. Niall and I were walking, holding hands, when he stopped in the middle of the rushing crowd. He lifted his nose to the air and stayed like that for a couple of seconds.
"Niall, are you okay?" I asked. His head dipped sharply to me and flashed a smile. At least nothing was wrong but I still couldn't guess what was happening. Instead of telling me, he gripped my hand harder and pulled me deeper into the crowd. I swerved people, dodged little kids when we finally stopped. Now I see why. We had pushed our way through an audience in front of a stage that had a long bench across it. And on the bench were a pile of pies.
"Roll up, roll up ladies and gentlemen," the announcer said in his loud cockney accent, "Don't be shy! All you have to do is eat as many pies in one minute and you get the 500 pounds!"
Niall raised his hand.
"I'd like to enter, sir."
Of course he would. The announcer made his way down to us and helped Niall onto the stage.
"What's your name son?" he asked. Niall hesitated a little bit then spoke.
"Niall Horan."
Girls all around me screamed their lungs out, giving me an earache. The girl next to me must've saw Niall and I together as she threw me a look. I rolled my eyes and ignored her.
"Wow, you're a hit with the girls! But you don't sound like your from around here," the announcer added. He gestured his hand to the empty seat where Niall sat down. He gave me wink from his chair so I gave him a thumbs up. He blew me a kiss and I pretended to catch it in my enclosed fist.
'I caught it' I mouthed.

"On three... One... Two... THREE!"
Niall dove right into the pies, and they were finished right before my very eyes. My God, that boy coud eat. I cheered and screamed with that girl beside me trying to beat me, but I wasn't going to make fight. Niall was eating them fast... one, two... four pies he had already eaten!
"Okay boys, 10 seconds left," the announcer proclaimed. All the other guys next to Niall were about to almost explode. Many of them sat back into their seats with their pants ready to rip. But not Niall.
"Three, two, one! Times up! You win son!"
Niall stood on his chair and then on the table proudly. He shouted and fist pumped, like any good pie eating winner would do. He jumped down off the table and to the announcer. Recieving the 500 pounds cash he looked over to me. I raised my hand as he walked to the edge of the stage to pick me up. He pulled me up and kissed my cheek. I giggled and let him place his arm around my shoulder as I looked up at his face. Full of pride. He grabbed the microphone and spoke.
"I want to thank all the Directioners and most of all," he paused and gazed at me, "I want to thank Caeley."

Irish Accent
Tanks for everyone reading, really appreciate it!

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