Prodigy Love Story

Prodigy Love Story

You don't like Mindless Behavior but your friend bought tickets to their concert and asked you to come. You say no but she is forcing you to go. Then you later find out you like one of them and they like you too.

Chapter 1

Mindless Behavior Tickets? EW!

You and your friend Karlie are having a sleepover tonight and you can't wait! You and Karlie have been best friends eve since you remember! She loves Mindless Behavior though, and you hate them. You think that since they are famous and have a bunch of fans that they are full of it. You are on your way to karlie's on your bike because she lives only a block away. When you get there all she starts talking about is Mindless Behavior. You of course roll your eyes and are annoyed.
Karlie: I love mindless behavior! They are so cute! Especially Princeton <3
You: Watever.....
Karlie: Oh! Guess what?!?
You: What??
Kalie: I got tickets to their concert!!!
You: And i care because??
Karlie: Because you are going with me.
You: Ha! yea right i would rather die then go to their concert so I'm not going.
Karlie: I need someone to go with me i have 2 tickets and you are my best friend! Please!!!
You: Fine -.-
Karlie: YAY! Thank you!! (gives you a big hug)
You: Watever...
That same night...... You get dressed in this..
Karlie gets dressed into this..
You: Why do you even like mindless behavior?
Karlie: Because they are cute, funny, can sing, loves all their fans, and they can dance and a lot other reasons!
You: ......ew.......
.........................Next day.............
Karlie: Wanna go to the mall?
You: Sure! I love shopping!
Karlie: of course who doesn't?
You: Crazy People!
Karlie: (laughs)
You get dressed in this...
Karlie gets dressed in this...
You: Cute Necklace!
Karlie: Thanks! ready to go??
You: Yea!
You and Karlie get to the mall and it is completely crowed with people. You start to wonder what was going on. You and Karlie walk in and Mrs. Right comes on the speakers around the mall. Karlie starts smiling really big.
You: Did you know they were performing here?!?!
Karlie: YES! i mean sorry i had to come i want you to listen to them i know you will like them.
You: ugh!
Karlie: Come on! lets get closer!
Karlie pulls you all the way to the front of the stage. She starts screaming and everyone is pushing you. You suddenly look up and Prodigy is looking at you. You can't help but smile. You notice that you are blushing. After that the song ends and Mindless Behavior goes to the signing to table and starts giving out autographs. Karlie gets in line and pulls you along with her.
Karlie: Wasn't that song awesome?!?!
You: Um sure i guess.......(but you couldn't stop staring at Prodigy)
Karlie: By the way i so saw what you did when Prodigy looked at you.
You: What do you mean?
Karlie: Oh don't act like you didn't smile at him and then start blushing like crazy! Your whole face was red!
You: ........
Karlie: You like him don't you?
You: .....maybe....But this doesn't change anything!
Karlie: Ok! Watever!
You: What is his name?
Karlie: Prodigy. And by the way i brought a poster for you so they can sign it.
You: I don't want......ok i'll take it.
Karlie: Thats what i thought.
You and karlie get up to the table Princeton signs,then Roc Royal, then Ray Ray, and then you get to prodigy.
Prodigy: What's your name?
You: ____
Prodigy: Thats a beautiful name....just like you.
You look down and start blushing
Prodigy: Are you coming to our concert?
You: Yea.....with my friend Karlie over there who is still caught up on Princeton.
Prodigy: (laughs) You're funny.
You: Thanks
Prodigy: Usually i don't give fans my number but you are different....and thats what i like about you.
You: Oh Thanks (you can't stop smiling)
Then karlie gets to Prodigy then he signs her poster after that you 2 go shopping. You then leave to the car. Right when you two get into the car she starts asking you a bunch of questions.
Karlie: Did Prodigy give you his number???
You: Yes :)
Karlie: That is so cool! So he likes you?
You: I don't know he has probably done that with a lot of girls
Karlie: Prodigy would not give a bunch of fans his number. Other wise he would get calls all the time by his fans. Trust me he doesn't think you are just anybody.
You: Well let me see i it was just a trick or if it is his real number.
~Via Text Message~
You: Hey its ____ your fan
Prodigy: Hey
You: I have a question...
Prodigy: Yea?
You: Why did you give me your number?
Prodigy: Because you didn't seem like anybody else i have ever met. You where different the first time i saw you. I knew i had to have you by my side.
You: By your side? Like your girlfriend?
Prodigy: Yea
~End of text messages~
You: Karlie...
Karlie: Yea?
You: He likes me
Karlie: Prodigy likes you?
You: Yes!
Karlie: Your lieing!
You: nope. He said he wants me to be his girlfriend.
Karlie: and you said......
You: i haven't said anything
Karlie: Why not?!? are you crazy 1 million girls would love to be in your position right now.
You: I know.....I will think about it.
......Later that day......
~Via Text Message~
Prodigy: Hey, there is a party tonight do you and Karlie want to come?
You: Sure! :)
Prodigy: Ok :) See you there
You: ok Bye
Prodigy: Bye
~end of convo~
You get dressed in this...
Karlie gets dressed in this...
Karlie: You ready?
You: Yea lets go! :)
~At The Party~
Karlie: Where are they?
You: I dont know let me text him
~Via Text~
You: Hey where are you?
Prodigy: Upstairs
You: Ok :)
~End of convo~
You: They are upstairs
Karlie: Yay! Ok Lets go!
You and Karlie walk upstairs and you seem them.
Prodigy: Hey!
You and Karlie: Hey!
You: um no offence but i think he was talking to me.
Karlie: Fine, then i will go talk to princeton :P
Prodigy: Can we talk?
You: Sure
Prodigy: cool. come on
You and Prodigy sit down at a table and start to talk.
Prodigy: I really like you
You: I like you too but your famous and im not
Prodigy: Who cares?
You: I dont know im just a nobody
Prodigy: No your not and your different like i said not like any other fan.
You: (blushing) Thanks
Prodigy: wanted to ask.....
You: yea?
???: PRODIGY!?!?


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