My Hunger Games

I guess some people who read those books think that this is wrong... but they didn't tell the entire story.

Chapter 1

Morning of the reaping.

by: Save_Me
I was running. Faster and faster..... he couldn't keep up. He was tangled in a thorn bush. I was screaming, and running towards him.... but it was too late. It was like seeing my life flash before my eyes, but it was his. I saw my one and only best friend be speared like a piece of meat on a kabob. I could feel the warm, wet tears dripping down my face as I was being lifted into the hovercraft. I woke with a scream, waking up my sister.
"It was just a dream, Katniss." Prim said.
"I know." I whispered to her.
I kept thinking about it. It was just like a few weeks ago. A few weeks ago I had seen something I'd never forget. Two people, about mine and Gale's age, running from a hovercraft. Clothes torn, breathing heavy, I wanted to help them but Gale held me back. A spear came from the hovercraft and pierced the body of the boy, leaving the girl crying and being carried up into the hovercraft. Only in my dream, Gale was the one being speared, and I was left crying in the hovercraft.
I had to shake it off. That would never happen in real life. I went to the a bath and put my hunting boots on.
"Oh, Katniss?" Prim whispered, trying not to wake Mom.
"Yeah, little duck?" I whispered back, kneeling so I was her same height.
"Take this. It'll be a nice snack." She said.
I looked on the table and there was the most perfect looking snack I'd ever seen. I nice piece of goat cheese all wrapped up in basil leaves.
"Thank you, Prim. Gale and I will love it." I said smiling and ruffling her hair.
I put my hair in a braid and looked in the mirror. It wasn't as nice as when my Mom does it, but it'd do.
I listened for the soft hum of the electric fence, but it wasn't there… like always. I slipped through it and grabbed one of my bows that I've hide in various locations. I've tried many times to make more bows, but none of them are as amazing as the ones my father made. I ran to my special meeting spot and saw Gale there.
"Hey, Catnip." He said.
"Hi, Gale!" I replied.
He always makes me happy. When we got to our favorite rock he whipped out a loaf of bread.
"Oh my God, Gale. What is this?" I asked, already knowing.
It was the good kind of bakery bread, the real kind. The kind that you saw in the background when you looked at the cakes in the bakery window.
"It the real kind." He said, ripping off a piece. "It only cost me a squirrel."
"That's crazy." I said, eating it with the goat cheese and basil. "Here. It's good with the cheese." I said, splitting the bread and cheese evenly.
"Thanks." He said.
I could tell there was something on his mind other than bread.
"What's up?" I asked.
"You know…. we could do it, Katniss. We could run away together. We'd survive. It wouldn't be any worse than living here." He said, staring at me with those gorgeous seam eyes.
"What about Rory? What about Posy? What about Vick? What about your Mom, Gale? What about my family? We can't do it….." I said, furious that he even thought about that.
How could he be so inconsiderate? His family would surly crash and burn without him. And so would mine!
"I know, Katniss! I'm just saying… if we ever get sick of this Capitol ruled hell, we have another option." He said, sounding a bit angry.
I decided to brush off the whole conversation.
"Okay, Gale. But we all know it'll never happen. C'mon we need strawberries." I said, already heading toward the fruit-filled bush.
"Only put the best ones in the basket, we can eat the rest." Gale said.
"How much do you think we'll get for them?" I ask, eager to receive the money.
Money has never come easy in District 12. If you have it, you live a full life, if you don't….. well….. just say goodbye now.
"I don't know, but I bet it'll be a pretty good amount." He says.
I picked a strawberry that looked good, but it was really small. Mayor Undersee wouldn't like it. I toss it high in the air, giving Gale time to notice it. He catches it in his mouth and tosses one my way. I break the skin and let the sweet juice spread over my tongue.
"Happy Hunger Games," I say in my best Capitol accent.
"And may the odds be ever in your favor." Gale finishes in the same accent.
We just laughed and started hunting for rabbits. Personally I like rabbits and deer the best…. but squirrels and wild dogs are pretty good I guess. At least if you eat it it keeps you alive, it is meat after all.
I walk home with my game bag full, but I needed to deliver half of the contents to Gale's family. When I walk into the run down house I see Hazelle making a soup for the family.
"You wouldn't want that without some meat." I say, plopping down a rabbit and a squirrel to skin them.
"Thank you Katniss. It's so helpful when you come. Here, when you're done with that can you please hand it over here so I can cube it?" She asks politely.
I finish skinning them and hand them to Hazelle. She puts it in the stew.
"Hey Mom, we're going to give these strawberries to Mayor Undersee." Gale says, turning back out of the door.
"Okay, be back soon. You need to get ready for the Reaping." She said, gesturing towards the door.
"Mayor Undersee, here we come!" Gale says in a stupidly upbeat tone.
We walk over to the big building Mayor Undersee and his daughter, Madge live at. Madge was always there, I don't know if I could necessarily call her a friend. We did have things in common, though. She didn't like talking about frilly dresses, or boys, she liked talking about school and what she wants to do with her life, so I found time to talk to her sometimes.
Gale knocks on the door and I hold the basket of strawberries. Madge opens it up and her face lights up.
"Hello, Katniss! Hello, Gale!" Mayor Undersee says, eying the berries.
"Hello, Mayor Undersee." I say politely.
"What is that you have there?" He asks.
"They're strawberries. For you." Gale says, grabbing the basket.
"Oh yes, thank you!" Mr. Undersee says.
"No problem." Me and Gale say together.
"Would you mind if I paid you tomorrow?" He asks.
"No, it's okay. You can pay us tomorrow." I say.
"I like your dress, Madge. It's beautiful." Gale says.
This confused me… does he like Madge? He never told that to me. But who cares… I don't like him in that way…….. do I? Gale could almost see my mind reeling, looking for an answer.
"Thank you. If I get chosen, I would at least want to look nice for the Capitol." She says.
This obviously makes Gale mad and I feel a bit better.
"Goodbye, Madge. Goodbye Mayor Undersee." He says briskly and stomps out the door.
He hates it when people try to actually look nice for the Capitol. They are killing us off for entertainment. So, I guess I understand.


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