Random Repost :3

yeah random and fun I guess

Chapter 1

hi c:

Name: Brittany
Nickname(s): Britney Spears, Emerie, Hikaru
Age: 14
Grade: 9th
Birthday: Ocober 27th
Location: TN
Favorite Food: caramel or pasta :3
Least Favorite Food: fruits, vegetables, healthy shizz, pie, and chocolate cake
Favorite Drink: Dr. Thunder ^.^
Least Favorite Drink: Milk no wait tea!
Favorite Color: Rainbow
Least Favorite Color: yellow..ew enough said
Favorite Book(s): On The Island, Harry Potter series, way more
Least Favorite Book: I don't think I have a least favorite book
Favorite Movie: don't get me started
Least Favorite Movie: The 2nd Nightmare on Elm Street
Favorite TV Show: Dance Moms, Dance Moms Miami, Storage Wars, Walking Dead, South Park, Monster-In-Laws, Baggage
Height: 5'6"
Weight: umm...I'd rather not say -_-
Hair Color: Brown with lots of blonde highlights. its turning completely blonde cause of the sun
Eye Color: blue/green
Favorite Website: Quibblo, facebook, youtube
Favorite Possession: My iPod and cell phone
Pet: 2 cats named Greyhound and Tiger
Family Members: 2 half-brothers and 2 half-sisters
Favorite Number: #11
Piercings: my ears. I want my eyebrow, nose, and tongue pierced c:
Most Favorite Thing About Yourself: I'm random?
Least Favorite Thing About Yourself: I'm sometimes a selfish biitcch
Other: I HATE SPIDERS!!!!!!!!!! and I still watch Disney Channel and Nick sighs the shows on there used to be alot better.


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