What Do you think of when you hear...

Chapter 1


Yellow: your teeth

Blue: favorite color

Music: iPod

Quibblo: Alexis

School: Worst and best years of my life!

Table: to eat food on

Plaid: best pattern ever

Swag: i am swag

Spoons: are fun

Forks: are better than spoons

Dogs: Awesome

Cats: I love them

Annoying: Orange

Letters: the alphabet

Phone: Brain

iPod: My heart

Happy: That's what she makes me

Harry Potter: I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHY DID YOU HAVE TO END?!?!?!?!?!?

Top friends: I love them

Food: Once i have some, there wont be any left

Potato: puh-taht-toe

Bricks: three little pigs

Pink: EWW

Wood: Table

Rocks: Kanye West

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