How To: Detect Fakes On Quibblo!

Just read below and remember not to take offense--both on me and people you suspect of fitting these warnings. They are, technically, mentally sick. Not sick sick, but in need for attention. They feel unloved.

Chapter 1

Chapter One: Fakes (?)

1. If you suspect a friend is fake or if you are concerned, then start by checking their photo album. Do all of the pictures look professionally taken? Is he/she very good looking but denies it? Does he/she have pictures of themselves as a baby--yet the baby wears modern clothing?

2. Their stories. Does the person create a lot of stories, namely about him/herself and his/her family? Not one, but dozens? Does he/she get worse over the months? Does he/she end up being anorexic and/or dying?

If the last is the case, it is usually a "friend" or "family member" warning the Quibblonians. When this happens, remain sharp--even if it is your friend. Would you warn people on Quibblo (in case you had a sibling who uses Quibblo while you did not) when your sibling was dying? The answer is, if we all remain honest, no. We would spend all the time that we could in the hospital, or at home worrying. Not to mention school! Quibblo would not be on our mind; not even if our sibling requested it. We would post--at most--one short story stating that our sibling is currently absent because he/she is in the hospital.

3. Does this person request you make stories to pray for him/her while she is in the hospital so he/she can read them to/while get(ting) better?

If the answer is yes, then again, most likely a fake. If a person was in intensive care, he/she would not be allowed to have a computer or phone with her--not even if family members brought it.

4. Has the person threatened to delete often, but refrained from doing so at the last possible moment?

5. Does the person have a hater? If yes, watch the hater carefully. Does the hater act/type like your friend at times? Are they online at the same time? If the latter is the case, be wary. When a person is online, their other account will be, also. I have no idea how it happens, just that I've seen it.

6. Does the person claim to be a celebrity/relative of a celebrity/girlfriend/boyfriend of a celebrity?

We all know that's not very likely.

7. Does the person have an extroardinary quality? Drawing/painting/acting/modelling? Or perhaps very heroic? Does he/she make repetitive stories about it?

8. Is the person insecure?

9. Does the person repeatedly mention feeling lonely, or has he/she created friends/family on the internet in order not to?

10. Always keep thinking. Is what the person says rational and likely? Look facts up if you are not sure. Does the person's stories match up?

Warning: These people are often humble. I did not write this to nag them, I wrote this because I am very weary of seeing people who aren't who they say they are hurt their friends by claiming to be very hurt or dying. If you ever contemplate coming clean (that would mean that you are, currently, not who you say you are) but hesitate because you are afraid people will no longer love you, message me.

These people often use fake pictures. This does not bother me; many of us do. It would be something else to claim to be that person and call that person (often a model) ugly. It is insulting.

If you are hesitant about your friend and want to ask them if they are real, but you are currently doubting it and don't want to insult them and be wrong, message me. I hate being a fake-buster, but friends deserve to know the truth . . . or at least, they do in my opinion.

If you disagree with something on here or wish for me to add more advice (that you are sure will help detecting "fakes"), say so in comments or message me if you want to remain anonymous. Insulting or rude comments/messages will be flagged and removed.

Remember that even if a person has some of these attributes, they aren't necesssarily fake. These are merely ways to help.


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