Weekly Photo Caption Contest! (pls read? :] UPDATED WITH WINNERS OF 4TH ROUND)

it's summertime so why not? :)

Chapter 1

Allons-y! :D

I'll be having a weekly caption contest! Starting todayyy! :D

All you have to do is make a funny caption for the last photo in my album :D whoever has the funniest caption, wins! no prizes or anything, this is just for fun :)

there will be a new photo every week :)

things you should know that won't amuse me :|

References to things like Lord of the Rings or Star Wars cuz i haunt seen those
Mean remarks about Harry Potter, Doctor Who, BBC Sherlock, Johnny Depp, any Johnny Depp movie, Benedict Cumberbatch, Sherlock Holmes, SMASH, or dogs
Reference to One Direction

things you should know that probz will amuse me XD

Mean remarks on catz (NOT KITTENZ!)
Evil remarks on twilight, but no too mean
Mean remarks on Justin Bieber or One Direction (again, not too mean, i hav a heart u know)
Reference to Doctor Who (up to the episode called The Unicorn and the Wasp)
Reference to Harry Potter
Reference to Sherlock
Reference to SMASH
The cuteness of dogs
TOBUSCUS references
Perverted (but not too perverted)

DONT ONLY USE THAT STUFF TO MAKE UR CAPTIONZ FUNNY!!! It's just some stuff that can be used and can't b used so u know wat i do and don't understand :)

ok thatz about it cuz theres no rules rlly just that u hav to hav it done by the end of the week (friday) but usually the nxt photo along with the winner will b up on monday rather than tuesday X) sorry i just thought of this

anywayz, just go to the last page of my photo album and giv me a caption on the last pic! :) ONLY THE LAST PHOTO IN MY ALBUM ALL OTHERS WILL B IGNORED!

OH! Also, put above it FOR CAPTION CONTEST or something so i know :)

ttfn! i hope a lot of u enter ;) luv u! ♥ comment with any questions and giv this 5 stars if u like the plan! :D

P.S. if the pic is a gif (or even image) and you know wat the person actually says, don't use that...it'll b ignored -.-
P.S.S the first pic is already up! remember: last photo ONLY! thnx :)

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