My Life In Words

Not all rainbows, sunshine, and smiley faces. But hey it could always be worse.

I'm not doing this to complain or whatever. I'm just.. recording my life. So I never forget what I've been through. So I can always be strong. So like no hate please

If you want to vent about you're life here go ahead in the comments. I won't judge you. Just like I'm hoping you won't judge me.

I hope this doesn't change you're opinion about me

and I'm sorry for the misspelled words

Chapter 1

My Past

I was born on October 27, 1997. At 2:34 pm. I made my mom wait 8 hours in labor. My dad was drunk in a bar at the time. I think he managed to get to the hospital before I was born but, probably not.

My dad was a drunk..and a drug dealer. I don't know what he is now I'll explain later

My mom worked at a factory until I was in third grade, then she became a sub/assistant at my school.

My sister on my mom's side is like my best friend. She lived with us until I was around 9. It was very sad, I cried alot.

My brother on my mom's side and my brother and sister on my dad's side moved out way before I was born.

My dad was always at the bar, drunk. I have a memory of when I was around 6, of us coming home from the bar. He was so drunk he fell over in a wheelbarrow (sp?). I remember screaming, "He's dead!" over and over again cause my mom already was in the house.

I also remember in first grade I was always in the hospital with kidney failures and strep (sp?) throat.

One day my mom had to take me to go to the hospital and have my tonsuls (sp?) removed. I woke up all alone and started crying. I cried for two hours before they took me to my mom. My dad wanted my mom to drop me off at the bar when she took me home, so my dad could see me.

One of the houses I moved into was broke into 3 times..because my dad was a drug dealer. The last time they broke the window by my room.

That's all I have for now. I'll probably remember more stuff later...

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