Ways To Annoy The Hunger Games Characters

Chapter 3


For these, the credit goes to Primforever_Gryffindor:
24.)Tell Katniss you sponsored the Careers.
25.)Steal Katniss's arrows
26.)Put models of the wolf mutts in Cato's room
27.)Hide in ___'s closet and film them
28.)Hide in Peeta's oven
29.) Eat Peeta's bread
30.) Go to Clove's house and marvel over her knives
Ok. End credit to PrimForever_Gryffindor.
31.) Constantly remind Marvel that his name is a word.
32.) Use the word marvel constantly.
33.) Make lists of ways to annoy them and hope that someone will actually use one of these
34.) Create an 'I love Cato' club.
35.) Same, but with Thresh.
36.) Same, but with Marvel.
37.) Post comments everywhere saying stuff like "I love Buttercup! HE's so cute!!!"

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