Ways To Annoy The Hunger Games Characters

Chapter 25


Annie_Cresta_ :
Play piggy in the middle with her wig.
Throw a knife at her.
Say "May the odds forever be in your favour."
Call her Effie Stinkette
Put cockroaches in her wig at night.
Do the same with her bed in the day.

Call Katniss Cat-Piss (That's my nickname for her)
Tell Katniss and Peeta their couple name is Penis
Yell "flame on" whenever Katniss is around
Meow at her
Try lighting her clothes on fire
Steal her kills and show her up in archery
Flirt with Peeta and Gale
Plant white roses around her house
Lock her in a closet
Make loads of noises when she's hunting
Replace her clothes with capitol clothes
Cut/Dye her hair

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