Ways To Annoy The Hunger Games Characters

Chapter 1


1.) Tell Katniss that Gale married Clove's little sister (he does live in D2).
2.) Tell Peeta that Katniss chose Gale instead of him.
3.) Steal one of Clove's knives, climb a tree, and yell down: "How's the weather down there?"
4.) Follow Katniss around, saying that axes are far superior to bows and arrows. Refuse to leave her alone.
5.) Tell everyone that Annie's completely insane, perferably loudly, in front of Finnick. (Tried that once, barely escaped with my life.)
6.) Refer to Peeta as Doughy Wonder (Yes, Annemarie, I did steal your nickname.).
7.) Sing "I Wanna Go- Hunger Games Version" in front of Peeta and Gale.
8.) Fangirl Peeta
9.) Fangirl Gale
10.) Call Katniss, shout "OMFG!! It's the Mockingjay!!! I'm your biggest fan!!! That video you were in in 8, that was heartbreaking!!!!! (Have done that. Turns out, Katniss has caller ID.)
11.) Plaster Katniss's house with Mockingjay posters, light a bonfire in her front yard, and throw bread onto the roof.
12.) Make Johanna Mason go swimming (not if you plan to live.)
13.) Follow Delly Cartwright around, acting negative and depressed.
14.) Burn pita bread. Give it to Peeta. Say that will be what happens if he ever comes to District 5.
15.) Fangirl Finnick.

~More chapters later!~

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