Creatures of the Night

A story I'm doing with Canuckmom1 and 2Xtreme

The first few chapters aren't written the greatest but keep reading and it gets better

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Crimson's POV

Sitting on a small black pillow, I stared at the beautiful dawn sky. It was filled with the colors of black, purple, red, and pink. Beautiful. I pulled my hair to the side and grabbed one of my earrings. It was a sparkling red garnet with black cobwebs around them. My mother gave them to me a very long time ago.
I had just noticed my mom had been standing at the door, watching me.
"Are you listening to me?"
Obviously I was in my own world.
"Yes?" I said and turned to her.
"The bus is here."
I sighed. "Okay, thanks."
I trudged down the stairs. Hearing the bus's horn just made me depressed. I grabbed my favorite strawberry juice from the fridge and headed out the door.

This didn't seem like a normal school. I don't see any stupid, annoying populars with their stupid annoying jock boyfriends like at my old school. I walked into the office. Very pleasant. Not bad.
"Um.. Hi."

"Hello, you must the newbie, Crimson. Am I correct?" the secretary said.

This is odd, what kind of secretary says newbie? Certainly not at my school.

"Yes, I'm here for a schedule."

"Of course, one minute." she walked away from her desk.

10 minutes later, she hands me a paper with confusing letters and numbers on it.

"Locker 17.." I whispered to myself. "Combination 6-2-9-7." Those numbers seem so familiar. I slipped the paper into my bag full of books. One more book and I might topple over.

Ivy's POV

I hate new kids. They get in my way. The best part is that it's my year to guide one around. Her name is Crimson. Hopefully she's vampire like me. I leaned on her locker, waiting for her to hurry up.

"And this is the chemistry room," I said. She seemed so quiet. She had to be some kind of witch planning some evil plan.

"So what classes do you have?" I asked.

"Well," she started. "I have English, Language Arts, Math, Chemistry, World Language, Study Skills...."
Her voice was very deep, she couldn't be a witch, she had to be a werewolf.

"We have English and Chemistry together," I tried to force in a smile. She smiled back.
Werewolves don't smile. She's gotta be a ghost. Nah, she's not pale enough, she's an angel. Her hair isn't blonde. I say she's a fairy. This would have been way easier if I just go up and ask her.
"So, what are you?" I asked. There was confusion on her face. How does she not know what I'm talking about?
"What are you talking about?" Crimson asked

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