A Message Here Sugar

A Message Here Sugar

A few words by Harley Quinn ;)

Chapter 1

Keep your eyes on... me bats!

Just you and me bat brain
Today is your death upon Gotham
Feel that cold wind
The last laugh I'll have this time
You dare touch my pudding...
I'll break you apart piece by piece
Make you suffer with my revenge
I bet your blood taste sweet...
Like payback
I'll shoot the bats out you...
Until your full of holes
Feel my wrath and pain
Call in for you boy wonder...
I'll cut his head off and serve him for lunch
Make my love proud of his bad girl
He is the key to my heart
Twist it the wrong way
And your a dead bat you hear? point gun
Eat dirt and catch cha later! blows kiss
- Love Quinn xoxoxo


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