This is my story of what would happen if i went to Ouran. (As Haruhi's cousin starting at the beggining of the story. . p.s. name is fake please don't try to look it up or anything because you'll come up with a random person. p.p.s. story ending will be a little different. Please don't fret. Thanks >.<

Chapter 1

Japan for the first time.

by: ohshc12
I Keira takiguchi am fullfilling my life's dream and visiting Japan. Of course I never would have imagined that I would be living there at 15 with a cousin the same age, named Haruhi Fujioka. It started a six months ago when a mysterious fire killed all of my family except me when we were at our annual family reunion. The only relatives I had left was a distant cousin name Haruhi, and her father who I now had to live with. Being the only heiress alive to the entire family fortune left me with a lot, letting me pay rent and help pay for food. I review my plan to make sure they will except it in my head as I fly over. You may expect me to fly on a private jet, but that really is a waste of money and gas and would be worse for the enviroment. (My nickname from my beloved fellow students (not!) is enviremental freak) Haruhi and I applied to Ouran on scholarships (did I mention that I recieve my inheritance at 21?) and amazingly both got in! Instead of congratulating me my fellow students called me a nerd and flipped me off when teachers weren't looking. I checked my watch and inwardly groaned 5 hours until I arrived at Tokyo. Well I should take a little cat-nap i decided and settled into my seat.

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