The 45th Hunger Games

Ok, so I didn't get alot of tributes for Our Hunger Games so Im just going to use wht I recieved and what I make up! I hope you love it but this will never be agood as the one and only Suzanne Collins!;) OH! and this was made by the awesomest cousins in da world:clovesknife and HGfan_BERRYfan!!!!!Enjoy!

Chapter 1

24 Tributes

by: Gabbyeads
Name: Skylar Bell Everdeen
Relatives:Dad-John S. Everdeen, mom- Glinda M. Everdeen;Siblings- brothers-12 Carter B. Everdeen, 4 Timothy J. Everdeen.
Looks:Dirty blonde hair that glows a beauty of gold in the sunlight, tan skin, dark-brown, dangerous eyes, hair is either up in a braid or down and wavy.
Personality: Sarcastic, intelligent,mysterious, can get people to do what she wants just by looking into her eyes, and dangerous.She is also brave, curious, can be rude, sneaky, and beautiful!
Weopons: Bow and arrow, knives, and her mind!

Name: Terra Raincross
Relatives: No one, family disowned her years ago
Looks: Wavy black hair, green eyes, pale skin, tall
Personality: Sarcastic, unfriendly, intelligent, brave
Weakness: Does not do well in alliances. She will stab the other person the minute they annoy her.
Weapon: Anything and everything she can find or hurt someone with
Age: 15

Name- Basil D. Smitty
Gender- Female
Age- 17
Weapon- Pick axe
Status- Single and happy
Family- Older sister Spree, (her parents died when she was young.)
Her looks and personality- Bazil is sturdily built and has jetblack hair that is always tied in a ponytail, she has gray eyes that look threatning, which she is. She is a very solitary person and is hostile if you get to know her. She will not make any ally's or become a carreer in the games but is okay with that, because she has a plan set in her brain in order weave her way throughout the games and become her towns victor.
District 2

Name: Aden Colt
District: 2
Weopon: Machete
Age: 17
Family: Vicious mom, who could care one hoot about him, hardworking father, and three younger sistes who he took care of.
Personality and looks: Aden is really tall and has a broad upper torso. He has chocalate brown hair that falls into a wave in front of his eyes. He may look sweet and loveble but really he is your worst nightmare. When jealousy takes control of him he is your worst nightmare. Beware! Dont get on his bad side he likes to plan reavenge.

Name: Rachelle Keate
Age: 16
District: 9
Gender: Female
Weapon: fast and nimble, fairly good at archery
Appearance: Shoulder length sandy brown hair, dark blue eyes, medium tan, height 5'4 Oh, and skinny!
Personality: Sweet and kind, thinks about others, really loud and friendly, optimistic, loves animals, hates bugs

Name: Adele Chase
District: 1
Age: 13
Looks: fiery red straight waist long hair, big bambi like green eyes, freckley face, full red lips, rather short and skinny for her age. Looks more like a 8 year old then a 13 year old
Personality: quiet, spunky, punk, sweet, VERY TOUGH
Weapon: throwing knives
Skills: she can seem all innocent so she can trick you into being her ally, but then she ends up killing you.
Family: mom dad and older brother that is 18

Name: Aleigha Ivy
Weapon:Spears and knives (not throwing knives)
Looks:Dark Brown hair; small hazel eyes; Really pretty; slim; medium height
Personality; charismatic; tough;
info: She can sneak up on you silently and stick you with her knife!

Name: Amor Gelenris
Age: 15
District: 6
Appearance: White-blond hair, Pale skin with faint freckles. Gray-blue eyes.
Personality: Very quiet, hardly ever says anything. Weak. Although smart and stealthy.
Weapons: Dagger

Name: Aquelle Tiflen
Age: 15
District: 4
Gender: Female
Weapon: very smart, very quiet, climbing
Description: very long medium brown hair, blue eyes, tan, height around 5'7

Name: Sayer Flay
District: 4
Gender: Male
Weapon: Anything he can get his hands on
Skills: Strength, seductive at times, especially good with knives
Appearance: Tan-ish, dirty blonde hair, muscular build, very attractive :)
Personality: Tough, sneaky, not trusting at all, and not bad with the ladies :D
Fears: He's claustriphobic, and doesn't want to get attached to anyone

Name:Violet Springer
Family:Dad-Jack Springer,brother-Vennie Springer, Bow-her dog!
Looks:Chocolate brown hair, pale green eyes, pale-ish skin.
Personality:Quiet, shy, has (anger issues), independent, keeps to her self.
Weapon:Slingshot (has SUPER aim), and her KARATE skills!

Name:Vennie Springer
Family:Dad-Jack Springer, Sister-Violet,dog- Bow.
Looks:Dark Brown hair, pale green eyes, tan hair.
Personality:Brave, strong, tough, hardworker.
Weapon:Strength, hammer

Name- Marty Bowl
District- 12
Age- 16
Weopon- Instinct (He dies in the blood bath.)
Family- He is an only child, with a mother named Marie and a father named Mark. Marie cries when her son gets choosen.
Personality and looks- He has shoulder length thick brown hair. His eyes are like mossy pebbles stuck in the sand. He is 5 1/2 feet tall. He doesn't hold much of a grudge and looks sweet on the outside, but really his heart is fed by fire. His emotions sometimes get to him and he shuts down. He is quite trustworthy and is prepared for what lies ahead, even though it means losing his life on live television.

Name: Alexa Darkfell
Age: 16
Gender: Female
District: 3
Skills: climbing, swimming, sneaky, knows a lot about plants.
Appearance: Tall, skinny, long black hair silvery bluish greenish eyes pale skin.
Personality: Very shy, hardly trusts anyone, very tough.
Weapon: Bow and arrows and knives
Fears: Having to kill her allies

Name: Ivy Keller
Gender: Female
Weapon: Bow and Arrow
Skills: Climbing, knows what plants are and aren't edible, sneaky, great aim, strong.
Appearance: Long(ish) red hair, light blue eyes, skinny, pale skin, 5 ft 6 inches,
Personality: Quite (but not shy), trusts very few people, trustworthy only when I know and trust you, tough.
Fears: Not winning the Hunger Games (aka Death), death of someone I love.

Name: Cedar Meclan
Age: 16
District: 5
Gender: Male
Weapon: axe
Description: blonde brown hair, height around 5'11, green eyes
Personality:Optimistic, fun, outgoing, confedent, and easily falls inlove.

Name: Corduroy Smaline
Age: 14
District: 8
Gender: Male
Weapon: knives, camouflage
Description: blonde hair, brown eyes, height 5'8
Personality:Creative, respectful, incouraging, understanding.

Name: Mintrin Sawley
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Weapon: Spear
Description: brown hair,sea green eyes, height 6'1
Personality:Distracted, omptimistic, good looking, outgoing.

Name: Rye Millet
Age: 15
District: 9
Gender: Male
Weapon: Bow and Arrow
Description: black hair, hazel eyes, height around 5'10
Personality:Smart, good looking, anger issues, strong, brave, and funny

Name: Arianna Lorra
District: 6
Gender: Female
Weapon: Running, and hiding
Skills: Easily overlooked, hides really well, knows plants and growth :)
Appearance: Pretty, black hair, short, green eyes, skinny
Personality: Sweet, quiet, terrified of death, the thought of death, or murder, trusts everybody
Fears: Just about everything to do with the games, especially mutts. :D

Name: Tess Richards
Looks: shoulder length, curly blond hair, electric blue eyes, fair skin, tall, slim
Personality: girly, prissy, rude, bossy,
Weapon: daggers
Skills: flirting with guys, so that when they start liking her, they get killed. XD
Name: Bane Tylers
Looks: shaggy red hair, brown eyes, very tall,
District: 1
Weapon: bow and arrows
Skills: How smart he is
Personality: hot tempered, genius, rude.

Name: Isaacc Solver
Looks: short blonde hair, brown eyes, short
personality: nice, tough, talkative, funny
Weapon: sword
Skills: his sword skills
District 3
Age: 18

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