Just Letting It Out! [True Stories]

This will be a group story in which each person will tell about an experience that left you feeling frustrated, angry, ashamed, disappointed or just plain depressed. Or you can mix it up a little bit and tell us a really happy experience. :)

Chapter 2

I'll See You Again

I'll See You Again
B. Alexandria

It was your typical Friday afternoon. Jackie (my neighbor) and I had just finished drawing on the sidewalk with chalk. It has always been such a joy to me, even though I'm sixteen years old. (Sometimes I wish I was six again ;D)

When my parents got home from work they told us we were going to see "Snow White and the Huntsman." Now, of course, I was ecstatic about seeing that movie. I mean, come on, Snow White is practically my favorite princess... or at least she used to be when I was a little girl.

Anyway, we were driving in the car on our way to the movie theater. We had specifically chosen the movie theater in the mall which so happened to be about fourty five minutes from my house. Twenty minutes into the ride, we are all jamming out to "Call Me Maybe" (Great song by the way) and my mother gets a call (haha wow-- pun!)

Now this is where the fun ends. Right away I can tell something is wrong. My mom sort of gasped and then asked in a frantic/paniced voice "What's wrong? Mom... What's wrong?!" She was screaming.

In spanish, she told my father that my grandmother thought my grandfather was dead. I understood it perfectly but it was like I was standing outside of my body looking in. It was as if I was watching a movie and I was not connected to anyone I was hearing or seeing. Have you ever felt that way? Disconnected. It's the scarest thing in the world.

That fifteen or so minute drive back was hell... It felt like hours and the anxiety was high. My mother kept saying "Maybe it's a mistake." But everyone knew better. There was no mistaking death. It is swift and absolute. There is no cheating it. There is only delaying it. Those definitions seem to get confused often..

We arrived at my grandmother's house in one piece, much to my surprise. I was scared we would die on the way there. It was a miracle we actually made it.

There was an ambulence in the driveway along with a huge police car or so I assume. It may have been the sheriff or someone else of high authority. Never had I felt so... useless. I was also unbelieving. There is no way this can be real. For three days after that, it felt like a dream. Have you ever felt that way? Woken up in the morning and still felt like you were living a dream? It's almost scarier than being disconnected or maybe its just one in the same.

I dread the day when it sinks in that he is gone... I have cried, yes, but I have not felt that familiar hole-wrenching pain in my chest. Do you know what I feel? I can feel nothing. Even as I write about all that happened before me, I still feel nothing. Looking upon him today at the wake... I felt that familiar pain in my chest but it was gone the instant I stopped crying.

Is that even normal?

I fear... I fear what I do not know and right now I do not know why I feel nothing.

My little cousin approached my grandfather's casket and whispered "I love you... and I'll see you again."

I got chills. Maybe there is hope for me after all...

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