Life Is Priceless(A Narnia Group Love Story)

Life Is Priceless(A Narnia Group Love Story)

Here is a Narnia Story! By myself and AngelaDucommun! Hope you all enjoy! don't forgot to comment on any feedback you guys may have. if it's criticism though make sure its constructive criticism that will help the story be better.

Chapter 1


Son of Adam or Daughter of Eve: Daughter of Eve
Name: Adelheid Ross
Nickname: Heidi
Appearance: medium wavy brown hair, bright green eyes, pale skin, freckles on nose, short, slender
Personality: funny, kind, very shy, stubborn, helpful, does what is right
Best friends: Misty, Edmund, Peter, Lucy, Susan, Aslan, Prince Caspian
Love interest: Edmund

Son of Adam or Daughter of Eve: daughter of eve
Name: Misty Ever-Last
Nickname: Mist
Appearance: Tall, hour glass body; light brown hair & crystal blue eyes
Personality: kind, caring, loving & supportive Girly-girl
Best friends: Peter, Heidi, Susan, Lucy, Prince Caspian Aslan & Edmund
Love interest: Peter

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