I Want To Be Loved By You

I Want To Be Loved By You

Here's my 1D love story.

Name: Rowan Jasper Star
Looks: Blake Lively
Profession: model and aspiring singer/actress
Age: 18

Chapter 1

On the Run


"Don't look at me like that" I say. The giant head tilts to the side and the ears perk up. I roll my eyes. "Fine, you win!" I get off the couch and walk toward the front door to retrieve the leopard print leash. Foster barks and runs to the front door, jumping up and down. "Foster, sit." I order. The excited puppy sits obediently and waits for me to click his leash on. Once I do he whines at the door. His thick, fluffy beige coat shines in the sun that floods into the front hall of my condo. I walk out and like a good boy, Foster stays by my side. As I walk I look down at my outfit and realize I look like a normal teenage girl for once, well relatively normal. I look like a One Direction fan, which I am, but It isn't what a model should wear. Honestly I don't care though. We walk about two blocks before the paparazzi stops me. Foster growls lightly and stands by my side protectively.
"Rowan, what's the cute little guy's name?" One of the camera men asks.
"His name is Foster" I answer. I pat my puppy's head as he whines.
"What type of puppy is he" he asks.
"Belgian Shepard. Would you like a picture, Foster really needs a long walk and we need to get a move on" I say as pleasantly as possible. They all nod their heads hungrily. I squat down next to Foster and kiss his furry snout lovingly. The cameras flash and I know they're loving my normalcy. I stand up and Foster jumps, not ready to let the attention end. We all laugh together, I quickly get out of that situation though, feeling awkward in the crowd. I'm not insanely social, but in public and at events I can act pretty well. Truth is I feel awkward in crowds and I'm incredibly claustrophobic. As I turn the corner a body slams into me. Foster barks and growls as I become entangled with another body.
"Get off. Ow. That's my hand" I push the body off of me and side away. Foster then pounces on the person..
"Oye! Get the bloody pup off of me!" A guy yells.
"Foster, off. Alert boy" I ordered. Foster jumps off and stands by myself, growling. The boy sits up and I immediately feel embarrassed. I look down at my One Direction based outfit and then at the band member on the ground.
"I'm so sorry. He's protective, and you ran in to me..." I say staring down at him.
"You're bleeding" He points at my cheek and then elbow. "Wait, you're Rowan Star. I've seen you're YouTube videos before" He say.
"Really? That's... surprising" I say, legitimately surprised.
"Well, I know who you are, I'm going to guess you know who I am considering, you know" He is staring at my shoes as he speaks. I rub the back of my neck and blush.
"Yeah, I know exactly who you are" I laugh nervously. "So why were you running, Louis?" His face falls. Louis scrambles to his feet.
"Paparazzi. We have to go" He looks around and hears something.
"Follow us" I say, darting around a corner and sprinting towards the apartment. He reaches out and grabs my hand in order to keep up. I dodge the spot where I had my run in with the paparazzi. I throw open the door and pull Louis in, Foster not happy about the company.
"You're really fast" Louis breaths.
"I'm surprised you kept up" I smile.
"So am I" He smiles. I giggle a bit. Foster whines and tugs on his leash, clearly not happy it was still hooked on. I pat his head and unhook the leash, which allows him to run off so he can play with Princess and Doncaster. "So, why'd you help me back there?"
"I know exactly how much of a pain in the arse those camera hounds can be. Pardon my language" I grumble. He laughs and looks around.
"Very true, and this is a nice place you got, only one question though. Where's the food?" he asks.
"I thought Niall was supposed to be the hungry one" I laugh and he shrugs with a smile. I wave him to the kitchen and he lets out a yell and jumps back. I look down and smile. I pick up the two large ferrets, a black one with a white snout and a white and black one. "They're not going to hurt you, I promise. They're just ferrets."
"I know, it just surprised me. What are their names?" he asks as he hesitantly holds out his hand for a ferret. I allow the black one to slink onto his hand.
"That is Freddie Mercury Jr. His nickname is Princess. This chubby guy is Doncaster. He needs a diet, yes he does. Who needs a diet? You do, oh yes you do chubby monster" I say and giggle in a baby voice. I tickle his fat belly as I talk to him. I hear Louis laughing and look at him and blush. It was mainly because I had used my baby voice in front of him, but also because Doncaster was the name of the town he grew up in.
"Either you're a dedicated fan, or you've got family there. I'm going with the first one because it's cuter, although you do have a touch of the typical accent of the area" He winks at me.
"I have family. Both my parents were born there and my mom's entire family is from Doncaster." I say, but the truth really was in the first of his assumptions.
"Well, there are no people with the last name of Star in the town, so what's the maiden name of your mother" He asks.
"Her name is Grayson Hardison, my grandmother is... "
"Hazel Hardison. Happy Hazel's is her restaurant! I used to go there all the time as a kid. Why did I never see you around" He asks, nibbling on the carrots I had just handed him.
"We moved away when I was three because of a fight my mum had with gran. They still haven't talked to each other" I explain.
"That's a shame, I would have loved growing up with you. Anyway, your ferrets are named after things, what about Foster" He diverts the subject with ease.
"The band Foster the People, I'm a huge fan" I say, looking at my giant pup who is laying in the living room.
"Not as much as One D" He winks. "Any other animals I should know about?" I blush even though his question was sarcastic. "Well then, let's see 'em." I laugh and lead him to the stairs.
"Who do you want to meet first? There's Cleo and Nile, Curls and Braniac, and then there's Lucky" I say.
"Let's start with whoever you want to show me" He smiles. I lead him to the bird room, which is my bonus room.
"These are my rose-ringed parakeets, Nile and Cleo. They're Egyptian, hence the names. They're sweet little birdies, pretty too" I rub Nile's neck with my finger through the cage.
"They are really pretty. Does Nile eat all the time" He asks, a gleam in his eye. I roll my eyes.
"No, they're Egyptian so the former queen and the river seemed appropriate" I explain.
"Curls is named for Harry, Braniac for Liam, and Lucky for Zayn" He says. I drop my jaw and let out a choked laugh. How the hell did he guess that. I blush and walk out of the room to go see the sugar gliders that are in my room. He walks quickly to catch up. "I was teasing! I think it's cute that you're such a die hard Directioner. The boys would love you, I'll tell them to come over." I let out a small yell and a little hop in the air. He laughs and bends over, resting his hands on his knees. I take this moment to get Curls and Braniac out. They both glide to land on Louis who immediately jumps up and 'aws.'
"They like you! Let me take a picture" I squeal. I grab the camera on my dresser and start snapping pictures of him, Curls,and Brainiac. He pulls out his phone as I'm doing this and I nearly drop my camera when he begins talking.
"Hello 'Arry! All of you need to come to the place I'm at. All of you. I'll text you the address. Okay good, I'll see you in ten" Louis puts his phone back in his pocket. "Let's go see Lucky, now."
"We have to put Curls and B away, though. Lucky doesn't like them" I say. Louis frowns and kisses the two sugar gliders before handing them to me to put them in their cage. Once that's finished we walk into the office room and I open the human sized glass box. I slowly pull out Lucky, my ball python. Louis' face lit up. Lucky extends her neck toward Louis and flicks her tongue out.
"Oh you're a beaut aren't you. Can I hold her, please" He begs me. I hesitantly slide Lucky to Louis when the doorbell rang. "Wait! I've got an idea!" I pause and look at him, smiling as he whispers his plan in my ear.

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