Torn (1D love story)

Enjoy :)

Chapter 1

Not excited (Bianca's POV)

"Remember to look REALLY pretty." Tess said, fixing her hair.
"Mhm." I replied.
"And remember to __" I blanked out everything she said.
"And... Are you even listening to me? BIANCA?!" Tess yelled.
"Wha?" I asked.
"Remember to be nice." she said. I rolled my eyes.
"I really don't care what they think." I said.
"I'm really excited about this. Can't you be excited with me? Or atleast for me?" she asked.
"I'd be more excited if this was Wiz Khalifa or something." I said.
"Be nice." she said, then walked.
"Mhm." I mumbled.
"I'll be in the car!" she said.
I looked in the mirror once more, at my bleach blonde curly hair. I put on a hat that said Taylor Gang and walked out the door.

After forever, we finally pulled up to who knows where. Wait, where are we again? Eh, doesn't matter anyways. I see a line of a bunch of screaming girls. They're all waiting to get an autograph from one whatevertheirnameis.
"Come on! Let's get in line before it gets longer!" Tess said excited.
"Nah, actually I'm just gonna go get a drink." I said.
"Okay. I'll get an autograph for you." she said.
"Dont bother." I said, and walked away.

I looked down for one secound, and ended up bumping into some dude. My drink spilt all over him.

"Whoops." I said, about to walk off.
"Wait a secound, since you found me, don't you want an autograph?" he asked.
"Why would I want an autograph?" I asked.
"You seriously don't know who I am?" he asked.
"Nope." I said.
"Zayn Malik, One Direction." he said smiling.
"Of all people I could have bumped into..." I said, turning around.
"No autograph?" he asked.
"Hah!" I laughed, walking away.
"Can I Atleast have your number?" he asked, following me.
"Stop following me bro!" I said, aggervated. I felt a hand reach into my pocket, and my phone being grabbed. I turned to take it back, but it was too late. He already had my number.
"Don't bother texting or calling me." I said.
"Oh don't worry, I definatly will." he said.
"Give me my phone back. I don't like you and I never will." I said.
"You will." he said. I rolled my eyes, and walked away. Now I just have to find Tess...

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