Forbidden (a Loki Laufeyson love story)

This is my first fan fiction about anything Avengers related. I hope you enjoy!!!

Chapter 7

After My Love Died (Loki's POV)

I started to shake and sob as Ally's eyes glazed over. This shouldn't have happened! I deserved the arrow in the side, not her! "WHY?!" I howled as the Avengers looked on. I held her hand and kissed her forehead, assuring her lifeless corpse that I would come back for her.
"Brother, I..." Thor started, hearing steps come towards me.
"Don't," I heard Captain America say. "He's mourning for her."
"Why not just smash him?" Hulk angrily remarked. "He's the reason we're here in the first place." I saw Black Widow leave the room with Hawkeye. Hawkeye looked close to tears and as he left the room, he burst, balling his eyeballs out the same way that I was. We both had cared for Ally, him being her brother, me loving her with my whole heart.
"There has been enough pain from this lout," Iron Man said, pointing at me. If I'm a lout, he must be the King of louts. I stopped balling and continued shaking and the tears continued to pour out of my eyes onto Ally's face.
"Loki, you're coming with us," Captain America said, pulling me up to my feet. As soon as he said that, Hawkeye ran into the room, sobbing, and ran to his sister's corpse.
"WHY?! WHY WHY WHY WHY?" he yelled, his sobs resounding around the room. He looked at me as I was led into the Avengers Quinjet, back into the reconstructed cell of mine.
One week later...

I was in my cell, thinking of Ally, still crying out of love when Black Widow and Hawkeye appeared. great, I thought. Now they're going to kill me.
"Loki," Black Widow started. I looked up, my eyes still dripping. "Loki, you never meant for Ally to die, did you?"
"Nope," I muttered, looking Hawkeye in the eyes for the first time.Hawkeye noticed my tears and uncomfortably started to shift.
"You killed many people, yet you let her live alongside you. Why?" Hawkeye spoke. He looked at me with such mixture of hate and mourning. A lump in my throat formed as I formed my words.
"It's because I loved her." Both of the avengers looked at me, confused.
"Start from the beginning," Black Widow said. After she said those words, I told the tale of forbidden love, lust, and death.
After I finished, nearly an hour later, there were tears streaming everywhere, even Black Widow was tearful.
"I may be able to get her back," I blurted out to Hawkeye. He stopped crying momentarily.
"I can't get her from in here. I may have to visit Hel, but it is worth it. It will be hard, but..." It may have been an accident (at least he made it look like one) but the hatch opened and I was sent flying in the sky, heading towards the earth. On impact, I used my magic (the same to get the frost giants into Asgard) and landed on the molten rocks of Hel. Now my journey begins for my love...
As I walked through Hel, I saw many terrible creatures while trying to find my daughter, Hel, and her throne. It felt like I had been in this oven of a land forever, endlessly walking. I almost wanted to go home, but the will to find my love was too great. I finally found Hel and her throne.
"Father, it's been so long! How are you?" Hel started on a sweet tone, her beautiful half of her face lighting up as her dead side looked.... dead. If she knew what I was asking for...
"Hel," I firmly said, "I need the soul of Allison Barton." Hel's smile turned into a frown almost instantaniously.
" It was her time to go..."
"No! She took that arrow for me. She should still live."
"That's not my problem..."
"I'll do anything!" I cried out desperately. Hel's lips curled into a wicked smile.
"Anything? Well if you want her so badly, you can have her, if..." she paused, flipping her wrist. " If I can have her body after she dies again and her soul forever shall haunt you." Damn her, she's good.
"Ok..." I said as I found a loophole to her offer. She brought out a contract, which I looked over. It fit what she told me exactly. I signed it instantaniously.
"Alvi!" she called. A short demon appeared, yellow skinned with bright red eyes.
"Yes, Miss Hel."
"Allison Bridgette Barton's soul, please." Alvi ran back where he came from, and after a few minutes, he brought back Ally. Her side was all bloodied and she had a ghost-like apperance, with closed eyes and was suspended in midair, but was still Ally. "Remember the conditions," Hel sharply said. She muttered an incantation and Ally grew less white and she fell into my arms as her eyes snapped open.
"Loki," she faintly spoke, looking at me. I was so happy that I kissed her as passionately as I can. "Where am I?"
Hel smirked, " You two should go back to Midgard. But remember, Loki..."
"Thanks Hel," I said in a monotone. I traveled back to Midgard with Ally.
"Loki, what did she mean?" Ally said with a eyebrow.
"Erm... nothing. I'm just glad to have you back." I looked at her as we held hands and walked back to the lair.

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