Forbidden (a Loki Laufeyson love story)

This is my first fan fiction about anything Avengers related. I hope you enjoy!!!

Chapter 3

The Root of Evil... and more?

I tried to calm down as I looked around the grungy room that Loki put me in nearly three days ago before he left. Does he honestly THINK that he could keep me captive for a long time?! Surely the team will show up and kill this sick, twisted, beautiful son-of-a-b****. Oh well, I may as well analyze the room and see if I can escape. There was a door that locked from the outside, a dirty floor, a window to the next room (sealed with bulletproof glass, of course) and puke green walls. I concluded that he had made it his holding cell for heroes and there was no way that I was getting out at any minute. However, as soon as I looked up, there he was, opening the door.
"I know that you probably hate me right now, but you should be grateful that I only broke your leg." More like snapped the bone with a throwing knife, I thought. "Anyway, I decided to move you from this..." He paused and looked around, "erm... holding cell." He smiled and continued," Currently, I led the Avengers into thinking that you're leaving New Mexico because you wanted to "find" yourself out there." He laughed silently and whispered in my ear, "You may be here a little longer than you expected." He then beckoned for me silently and I limped down, using him as a crutch, down a long, black painted hallway. He paused at a glossy maple door with a shiny brass door knob. "This is where you will be staying," Loki mysteriously said as he slowly opened the door. Where I walked in is what I did not expect. The room had beautiful, large, bright golden walls and a view of the city at sunset. There was also a large vanity chest as well and a large clock and a canopy bed in the center of the room, the color of caramel. My eyes widened to about the size of large turquoise jewels. Loki looked at me with such awe. "I hope you like your new quarters," he purred. I looked at him and almost kissed him. I looked down and remembered that I was the bloody and sweaty mess that hasn't showered in three days.
I turned away defiantly and spat out, "Is there anyway that I can get a shower around here?" I looked into his eyes and saw a tear.
"Of course," he sighed. He made a door appear next to the vanity as if by magic. "It's in there."
He started to walk out of the room, but suddenly stopped when I touched his shoulder and asked, "Why did you let me live?"
He looked at me and sighed again. "You shall find out when the time is right." He looked at my injured leg. With a wave of his hand, it felt like my leg was mending itself. I looked at amazement at my leg as the bone started to "fit" together. When the process stopped, he looked at me appologeticaly. He whispered, "I'm sorry." Loki turned and walked out of the room saying, " Leave your costume outside the door." I opened the bathroom door and saw the most beautiful bathroom in the world. With a cream toilet, skyblue walls, and a cream shower with matching towels and rug, it looked like the sky. I slipped off the bloody suit and put it right outside my bedroom door. I started the shower and stepped into the warmest and clearest water that I have ever been in.
Twenty minutes later, I stepped out of the bathroom with silkier feeling hair and the feeling of rebirth. I noticed something on my bed. I found fresh clothes on my bed along with a note:

I brought you a fresh set of clothes. Your costume is being washed, so I hope that I found the right size. I'm coming at 6 to bring your dinner up. Please be ready!
- Loki
I looked at the folded bunch underneath the note from Loki. There was a pink dress, a set of pajamas, jeans, a t-shirt, underwear, and a br@. Next to it was a box with a hairbrush, curler, heels, makeup and hairspray. I looked at the clock and saw that I had about two hours before he came and I knew what to wear.
I looked in the mirror after I finished getting ready. I thought that I looked great but I wondered how Loki would think of me. It was 5:45 when I sat down, thinking about what the Avengers are doing, how Clint is, and how wrong it is that I thought that Loki was... well, hot. The minutes ticked slowly and by the time 6 o'clock rolled by, I was bored with my thoughts of my previous life. I was starting to daydream and was very into my dream about Loki that I didn't even hear him walk in.
"Ally," Loki said, distracting me from my dream. I fell off of the bed.
"Oooff!" I yelled as I hit the floor with a thud. I stood up and noticed that he, too, was dressed up and he slicked his hair back. He smiled a little bit and knelt down and grasped my hand. I looked mortified and was shocked. This is so wrong, this is so wrong, this is so wrong...
"Shall we be going?" he asked, standing up.
"Of couse," I blushed, giggling as I took his arm and walked through the hallway with him. We stopped at a willow door which opened at his touch. I stood in awe as I saw a HUGE green and gold room with a black crystal chandelier. There was a small table in the center with food, drinks, and plates set out and beautiful roses as the centerpiece. Loki beckoned me to sit down at the place set out across from his. There was eggplant parmigiana set out on my plate and meat ravioli on his. As we were eating, one thing in the back of my mind bothered me...
"Loki, you never answered me earlier. Why did you let me live?" I asked after we finished eating. He looked at me with such affection that I felt my heart flutter. He rose, took my hand, and asked me to dance. I accepted and he played "I Don't Wanna Miss a Thing" by Aerosmith. I put my arms around his shoulders and he put his hands on my waist.
"Ally," he started, looking so handsome and innocent, "When I saw your face after I ripped your hood, I felt like I could be accepted. I promised myself that I would make you mine. So when I threw that knife, I knew that I loved you. I couldn't bear to kill you." I touched his face ever so softly, a tear gliding down my face.
"Loki, when the Avengers first told me about you, I expected a psychopathic murderer who would ax anything in sight. When I first saw your picture, I thought that no one could compare to your charms. I decided to come to your lair alone, half hoping to see you, half hoping not to see you. " I stopped, seeing him smile fully. "Hero " by Enrique Iglesias started to play.
Loki moved in closer and whispered," D@mn, isn't love strange?" I replied by softly kissing him on the lips. The kiss lasted for a longtime and grew hotter and it felt as though time had stopped. We were probably like that for fifteen minutes. We stopped and looked at each other for a moment.
"This is wrong," I said. He looked down, but I said, "Wrong is good." He smiled devilishly and said, "You know, I may be bad, but what I do in my room isn't."
"Loki..." I started, but thought logically, heck, Clint doesn't need to know. I smiled as he carried me, bridestyle, to an ebony door that I could tell was his room. He kissed me on the neck as he opened the door. But as the door closed, "magical" things went on.
*** You can see the "invitation" on deviantart as Just a question by ~gavorche-san or (I take NO credit for it!) ***

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