Forbidden (a Loki Laufeyson love story)

This is my first fan fiction about anything Avengers related. I hope you enjoy!!!

Chapter 2

Bold Beginnings and a Meeting With Destiny

I was looking through a fashion magazine while it happened. The phone rang loudly and broke my concentration. As I looked up for a quick second to the phone, the letters S.H.I.E.L.D. flashed on the phone screen with the number blocked. "Clint, phone!" I yelled as I rolled by crystal blue eyes and turned back to Vogue. A young man with blonde hair, blue eyes, and a quiet air to him, just like our father's, strode down the steps coming from the second floor. Clint grabbed the phone swiftly and silently.
"Hello," his soft yet strong voice spoke, filling the silent room. He stopped and intently listened for a while and handed the phone to me, saying "It's for you." I looked at him in surprise as he handed me the phone.
"Hello?" A carmelly voice entered my eardrums.
"Miss Barton, this is Nick Fury, director of S.H.I.E.L.D. It is to my knowledge that you have the capabilities that many of our S.H.I.E.L.D. members have." I looked at Clint because he must have told Nick about my "nightlife."
I awestruckingly looked at my phone and said, "Mr. Fury, I don't know who told you about that, but..."
"Nonsense! Please report to the headquarters to be eh- hmm evaluated for the Avengers recruiting process. We'll see you at three." He hung up the phone as I hung my mouth open. Me, an avenger? I looked at the clock and it stared at me with two- fifteen on it's face.
"Shoot!" I muttered under my breath. I hurriedly grabbed my outfit, threw it in a totebag, and ran a brush through my hair. "Gotta go, Clint!"
"Wait!" he shouted, stopping me, "I need to come too." He grabbed his stuff and threw it into a duffel bag. "Ally, are you forgetting something?" I turned and said," Nope. I was testing you and you passed." I smiled as I grabbed my fighting equipment and threw it into the bag. We bolted out of the house as the clock turned to two-twenty-five. "D@mn it, we're not going to make it!" I blandly stated.
"No, we will. I always do." Clint flashed a pearly white smile as I headed to my motorcycle. We'll see, Clint, we'll see.
I arrived at S.H.I.E.L.D. headquarters at 2:55 at about the same time as my dear brother's car drove in. I mouthed shut up to him as he parked and got out of the car to enter the building. As we walked in, we saw S.H.I.E.L.D. agents gathering in clumps, most likely based on divisions, discussing in hushed tones. They looked at me with sheer disbelief and continued their discussions. As I turned away, an agent came up to Clint and me.
"Hawkeye, Blue Ninja. My name is Agent Maria Hill. Director Fury sent me to collect the two of you for the Avengers team." I looked at her with some distrust, yet followed her anyway. We followed her to a room with six other people in it.
" Mr. and Miss Barton, I see that the two of you have found the "Assemling" room." the man with the eye patch said.
I looked at him and said, " So you're Mr. Nick Fury? And they are?" I said, pointing at Stars-and-Stripes, Hammer-Man, Ironsuit, Calm doctor in the corner, and Black-and-Skintight. They introduced themselves as Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, The Hulk, and Black Widow.
"What are your skills anyway, beautiful?" Iron Man wondered, looking at me.
I smirked and boldly said, " Do you really want to see them?" Everyone nodded and I threw on my suit and not only beat Black Widow without trying, but hit every target in the bullseye with my bow and my knives.
"D@mn." Everyone in the room looked at me as a powerful person.
"Are you a waterdweller?" Thor asked.
"Waterdwellers are beautiful, all powerful people who are known for combat and magic."
"Thor, that's my sister!" Clint said with a hint of anger in his voice.
"Nope," I blushed as I giggled. I turned serious and said, "So, why am I here?"
"We need all of the help that we can get. Loki, Thor's brother, escaped again and is going to try to take over the world... again. THAT'S why we called you."
I huffed and said, " What does he look like?"
"Here's a picture of him." Thor handed me a picture of a beautiful godlike creature with black hair and greenish eyes. How can he, this man who looks so innocent, be evil?
"Are you sure that's him?" I asked, hoping it wasn't.
"We're positive," Steve said, polishing his shield.
"Okay, well we need eyes right now at his old hideout. Blue Ninja, since it's your first manhunt, you should see his "fort," Tony said. "I was going to, but maybe you should see it first."
I arrived at Loki's hideout at nightbreak. It looked like nothing was in there. I looked around for a while, but found nothing. I decided to rest and sat down on a leather couch. All of a sudden, WHOOSH! A knife flew right past my ear and ripped my hood off. D@mn it! I grabbed my quiver and shot an arrow at the assailant and heard it hit it's mark. However, I had a short lived victory as another knife flew and hit me in the leg. I fell hard to the ground and waited for death as I saw my captor coming. Before I knew what hit me, I was out.
I woke up and found myself weaponless, powerless, and in a hopeless position. I looked at my leg that now looked like a bloody mess as the gorgeous man from the picture strode into the room, laughing. "Welcome prowler girl! My name is Loki!" He smiled very magically and crooned, "You are now my prisoner."

Loki's POV
I arrived in my lair quietly and cunningly. However, I saw someone in there before I even got home, a prowler. It looked like a ninja, just sitting on my couch. I took my chances and threw a knife at the figure. It flew and hit right next to the person, taking the hood and my breath away. Right before me was the most beautiful enchantress I have ever seen sitting on my couch. She grabbed an arrow and shot me as I threw a knife, hitting her leg and causing her to crash down. I pulled the arrow out of my chest and I felt a pang of... sadness? Hmm... I had never felt this way before. I walked towards her and knocked her out with magic. After I found her to be unconcious, I touched her cheek ever so softly and kissed her forehead. I think that I may be in love with her. "No!" I snapped out of it and tied the girl up, waiting for her to wake up. I felt a tear drip down my face, but I spit and put my feelings aside. I took her weapons and left her in the room, bound and in a terrible position.
She woke up nearly twenty minutes later. She looked around, enraged and fearful. She looked down at her bloody leg as I stepped into the room. She glared, but I saw a glint of... love in her eye? I laughed to myself and said, "Welcome prowler girl! My name is Loki!" I smiled wider at her, to impress her and crooned, "You are now my prisoner."
I think I love her.

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