back to the future, HP style.

have fun ;D

Chapter 1

Introduction... I guess

My name is Elizabeth Johnson. First thing you need to know, Harry Potter is real. J.K. Rowling heard the stories from a Squib aunt. Just as she says in interviews and such, she doesn't believe the stories. She wrote the stories down (with poetic license of course) and released them to the muggle population. Thanks to several organizations (including V.O.M.I.T., or Vanguards Oppressing Muggle Intuitive Thoughts, in honor of Hermione) muggles believed it to J.K. Rowling's amazing talent combined with a great idea to create a fantastic fantasy/sci-fi (there is some debate on that) series. But we wizards, we knew the books spoke almost the truth. There was a dark wizard, although his name is no longer feared, who murdered thousands, with the help of his purist followers, the Death Eaters. And there was a young boy who defeated him when he was only an infant, with nothing more than a scar shaped like lightning flashing across his forehead.
But I’m not here to tell some false "fan-fiction" about me and a character's love life, though I will admit I have written my fair share of those. I'm here to tell the true story of how I went back in time and fell in love with the magical world of Harry Potter all over again.


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