love by time (loki fanfic)

16 earth years loki has spent waiting for the moment to come when he would return to midgaurd and find the very weapon he needs to rule. One of the Gaurdians of the nine realms.Loki had given a ring to a gaurdian who he had loved 70 earth years ago before she went to midgaurd on a mission to find the Tesseract .When he finds the ring he finds the Gaurdian he had loved no longer owns it but her grandaughter.

Chapter 1


"Kirsty, Hurry up or we'll be late." shouted my dad from the front door.
"I'll be out in a minute." I shouted from my parents bedroom. I was going through my mums Jewellery box searching for something to wear with my blue dress. I wasn't having much luck. As I was about to shut the box lid I spotted a ring, I lifted it out of the box. It was like nothing I had see seen before. It was sliver with a emerald green jewel that had been cut into a rectangle with strange engravments around the jewel. I tried it on her finger, it was too big so before running out the door I grabbed an old rusty chain from the box, slid the ring through it then left. I sat staring at the ring on the train to glasgow central. My dad looked at the ring too.
"do you like it?" he asked me, I nodded. He sighed.
"You know that Rowen took that gold ring she wears from that box when she was sixteen. Maybe you should keep that ring since you like it and your the same age as your sister was." he suggested, it was true Rowen is 18 year old sister who lives in a flat on her university grounds so was never home much now. I smiled in glee, I hugged him tightly,
"thank you!" I said, the train came into central then. As we headed to the grand department store where I was going to collect her ball gown for my schools Masquerade ball I heard someone whisper, I couldn't make out what it said but I decided to ignore it. When we arrived I went up to the tall extremely slim woman who had served me the last time I had came.
"hi I'm here to collect my dress . It's kirsty Thompson." I told her, she gave me a horrific look then went through to the back.
the dress I hoped would help me be chosen as the masked queen of the ball since both my sister and my mum had been the masked queen when they went.
"So do you have a date?" my dad asked,
"um.. No. No one asked me." I admitted, not a single person in mu year had asked me but I always told myself that if I won I'll still get that slow dance with the masked king. Just then the woman came back with a large dress bag.
"here we are. Would you like to try it on before you leave?" she asked, I nodded. The woman led me to a dressing room, the dress slid on like a glove. I looked at myself in the mirror, the ball gown was strapless with a fitted top with a flowing skirt, it was emerald green with a sliver strap running round the top of it. I gingerly took my mask out of my bag then tied it on, the mask was sliver with sliver glittered piping of leaves on it with green trimming and ribbon. I looked at myself in the mirror. It almost took my breath away for the green made my long ginger hair look like fire and made my blue- green eyes shine a brighter colour.
"you look like a queen." someone whispered in my ear, I couldn't see anyone else in the mirror. It placed me on unease for a moment then I thought nothing of it. I walked out the dressing room to show dad,
"you look beautiful." he told me, i felt myself blush then quickly went back and changed back into my blue jeans with my old jersey. As I took great care in placing my dress back in the bag I heard another whisper,
"the ring is not yours." I quickly zipped the bag then met dad outside. As he paid I thought that nothing will be more amazing than tomorrow night when I'm dancing in my gown with no one will even think its me.
When I arrived home I placed the dress upon a hook in my room then took the shoe box off of the top of the wardrobe. I opened it to reveal a pair of glittering sliver shoes that mum wore to her ball when she was 16, I tried them on. A perfect fit. I placed them back in there shoe box then back on the top of the wardrobe.
"one night to go." I thought. As I changed for bed I felt that I had to keep the ring round my neck, I was not sure why but I almost felt safe wearing it. almost like it was lucky.
that night I dreamt of a golden palace and a group of people dressed in golden armour riding on horses to places you could only dream of.

when I got out of bed that next morning I saw that the chain I wore the ring on was no longer a rusty gold but a sliver chain that gleamed in the light.
"Strange." I thought,
"wear the ring tonight." I heard someone whisper. again like last time it was only me in the room. I quickly changed then left for school. When I got there I found my two bestest frineds sitting on a bench gossiping, As I came closer I saw that they were glanceing over to the boy I had had a crush on for the whole year and had also hoped would ask me to the ball.
"Hey, Kirsty. You looking forward for the ball tonight?" My friend Louis smiled, Louis had been my friend since we started primary together 10 years ago and could never fail but to make me smile, she was smaller then me (As nearly all the girls in their year were) and had brown weavy hair with heazel eyes.
"Of course I am and no doubt Jordan is excited too?" I replied. Sam just rolled her eyes. Sam was my other best friend who was the complete opposite of Louis in nearly every way, Sam was taller than Louis but not by much, she had jet black hair with electric blue highlights with pale blue eyes. Sam had been my friend since we both started high school four years ago, unlike Louis Sam was always someone I could relay on for good advice.
"so is Steve going with you tonight?" I asked, Sam blushed.
"Look who's smiling at you kirsty." Louis smiled pointing over to a group of boys who were laughing and shoving each other, there he was with his sparkling blue eyes looking at me. Anthony. I blushed as he stared.
"he's not worthy." I heard someone say, I looked round to see some 1st years walking by.
"what's wrong kirsty too embarest to look?" Sam joked,
"yeah, don't want him to see you blushing?" Louis grinned whilst raising her eyebrows.
"oh shut up." I told them, both of them stopped laughing. They both looked like they were in a daze.
"oh haha guys." I said to them, they didn't move or change expression.
"tell them You release them my dear." I heard my mysterious voice say,
"what?" I thought "there just playing tricks." I told herself.
"guys this isn't funny." I said, still no response. I stood for a moment.
"em... I release you?" I questioned, suddenly they came back to life as if nothing happened, I stared in shock. I never thought that would work.
"are you alright Kirst?" asked Louis, seeing the expression on my face.
"yeah, I'm fine." I replied. Nothing more was said.

On the way home I heard the voice talk to me again.
"I'll be waiting my dear." it said, I was begining to feel uneased by this voice, such a soothing melodic voice but something about it sent a chill down my spine. As soon as I arrived home I got to work, I started with my hair by gently curling it then pinning some of the curls up, As I reached for the large can of hairspary (which was out of reach by a large distance) it flew through the air into my hand. I was stunned at what happened however I continued to get ready. When I was fully dressed with my make up done, hair pinned perfect and my sliver/ green mask placed on my face. I sat down in the living room waiting for dad to pick me up when I saw a newspaper sitting on the coffee table that had the headline.
"roses left at central station in remembrance of who died in alien attack." a year had now gone by since mum had been killed in that alien attack in New York. I had been there when it happened, we were on holiday, I remember seeing the Sky open to a world unknown and I remembered the very thing that killed mum. It was a strange being that I can't describe except that it had eyes like ice, as the thing was about to kill me also a man dressed in the Green and gold stood in front of me which made the alien run off. I never saw his face though but knew he had something to do with it.
Dad finally arrived moments later,I stood up when the front door opened to greet him. He frooze then his eyes began to water.
"you look like your mother."he whispered, I hugged him tightly,
"I know what today is." I told him as we hugged. He let go,
"now your mum would of not liked us to dwell on bad things so you will go out and enjoy today knowing that your mum was a happy loving woman like you." he told me, a tear came to my eye,
"I just wished she could be here." I whispered.
"I do too. Now we better go." he said trying to lighten the mood. As we went outside I heard the voice once more.
"I shall see you there kirsty." it said.

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