It's Time for Me to Go

I think it's time for me to end my life.

Chapter 1

Life Sucks

I hate my life my boyfriend ignores and lies to me. My friends don't talk to me or trust me. My family hates me, treats me like crap, and thinks I am rebel. I'm under house arrest. I got in a severe fight with my mom. I hate that I have to take mediacation for Depression, Insominia, Anxiety, ADHD, and Low Iron. I can't run good because my biological parents did drugs when I was in my biological mother's womb. I was put into foster care at 5months old. The government said I was lucking to be alive. I got adopted at 2 and half. I could'nt walk til I was 4. I could'nt speak til I was 5. I could'nt ride a bike til I was 9. I drowned when I was 14. I was under the water for 4minutes. When I came back up I did'nt know where I was I could'nt walk for a couple of minutes. I was purple,blue, and black. I had no water in my lungs. At 11 I had to move from California to Kansas. That was hard to get use too. I got put into foster care at 12 on Aug. 16th to Aug.16th that next year. In foster care I got abused. I got punched in the arms with brass knuckles. ( I have scars to prove it) I could'nt only one piece of bread a day. I got forced to smoke. I then got back with my adopted parents. (Exactly a year later) I was so stressed out I use to pull my hair out. ( It's called Trichotillomania, My hair has grown back) Then the other day I got in a fight with my adopted mom it was a mild fight. Then three days I got grounded I'm not allowed to do anything besides my chores and staying in my room and eating and bathing and using the bathroom. (Im under house arrest) To top that off I get bullied alot. Would you do the same thing I'm going to do? ( As in commit succide) Should I do this? Leave me comment. Help me.


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