Just Another Plain Jane - A Harry Styles Love Story

Just Another Plain Jane - A Harry Styles Love Story

i got inspired :) and im bored cause i just got my wisdom teeth out and i have nothing to do. I SWEAR I WILL FINISH THIS STORY...with an actual ending :)
please comment a lot because if you dont then i dont think people actually read it so then its pointless if i write it so...PLEASE COMMENT :)
<3 <3 Kat <3 <3

Chapter 1


All the boys are as usual, same ages, same looks and personality.

Jane Catherine Reece
age: 18
appearance: long brown straight hair, chocolate brown hair, a straight white smile, pretty much a perfect body. 5'7 and skinny. her dad used to tell her she was ugly when she was younger so she doesn't listen to compliments.

i can't believe i finally landed in London. it's been...6 years since i've seen Niall! yeah yeah, Niall Horan...the one from One Direction. but i knew him before he was famous. we've kept in touch ever since i moved to the states for my dad 6 years ago.
most people move for their parents' jobs. i moved for my dad's rehab. he was an alcoholic for so many years after my mom left us. eventually he died after 2 years of rehab, from alcohol poisoning after he fell off the wagon...again.

i lived with my Grandma for all my life since we moved back. she was always there for me even when we lived in England before. so i lived with her until my father died.
he died and i stayed. my Nana's practically my best friend. i mean, i had actual friends too, but Nana was different and always there no matter what.

i grabbed my bags and Found Mrs. H waiting for me. "Mrs. H!" i yelled and ran to her. Mrs. H was my moms best friend before she ran away and even then, she was great friends with her mom, my Nana, and she always helped me when she could. Nana talked to her all the time, throughout all the years. then when i rung her up and told her of Nana's death, she insisted i stayed with Niall and his friends for a while in London. Niall had no idea i was coming. Mrs. H had arranged my room, gotten a car, and was taking me to the house. the boys all lived together in a gorgeous house, adult free.

we pulled up and i was shocked. sure, they're famous and rich. but this was...wow. so elegant and gorgeous. very secluded and safe, no crazy fans could get in, or any paparazzi either. i was really looking forward to hanging with the guys, it'd be definitely different from living with Nana...but a good different...i hope. Mrs. H helped me unload all my clothes, get everything put away and tidy. my room was gorgeous, and perfect for me. it was blue and elegant and girly all at the same time. all the boys had their own rooms and an extremely large living room, game room, basement, home theater, and the best kitchen...ever.

Mrs. H had to go and i wanted to explore a little. the boys were at a recording session and i was going to see them later. i grabbed the keys to one of the cars there, Mrs. H said i could, and went to the store. i stocked up their empty fridge and pantry. did i mention im a chef? yup, i love to cook and bake.

i checked my outfit in the mirror in my room, ( http://www.polyvore.com/jane_meeting_boys/set?id=49763758 ), and then went and drove to the studio. i was jamming out to the radio when i pulled up outside and showed the lady at the from desk my ID and my pass card. i got to the studio where they were and i hid for a few moments until the stepped out of the actual studio and they were all chatting and laughing happily they didnt even notice me standing there.

"you havent seen me in 6 years and you forget about me entirely Mr. Annihilator." i said and smiled. i was standing in the doorway of the room, arms crossed and leaning on the door frame. "Beautiful Jane!" Niall said and attacked me. he scooped me up in this huge hug. i giggled and wrapped my arms around his neck. "i missed you!" i said to him. "i missed you too Janey!" he said and finally set me back down. "when did you get here? how's your dad and Nana? where are you staying?" he asked. "i just got here like an hour and a half ago. they both passed away a little while ago, and im staying with all of y'all! if that's okay...your mom said it was okay." i said. "im sorry about your Dad and im really sorry about Nana." he said. "yeah it was rough when Nana died, but dad not so much. he was a pretty rough guy. after moving it only got worse." i said. i saw Niall's eyes widen and he was about to ask questions about my dad and his abuse, but i intercepted him.

"I'm so sorry!" i said turning to the rest of the group. "Niall and i are being completely rude right now. I'm Jane, i've known Niall since we were in diapers. we havent seen each other in over 6 years." i said. "And a lot has changed in those 6 years i mean look at you! you were pretty before but...geez did you fall into a pool of toxic gorgeous?" Niall asked me. i smiled a little and blushed. i messed with my hair and didnt answer. the Boys introduced themselves and we all got kicked out of the studio for holding up other recordings.

we all decided to drive back home, the boys took one car and Niall and i took the other. we talked the entire way. "So Jane, what did you mean earlier?" he asked me "about your dad" he continued. it was good 45 minutes to the house. this was gonna be a long car ride. "it's nothing Niall. its in the past." i said. "it does matter Janey." he said. "he just smacked me around a few times while Nana was out of town. you know how she would go on her monthly retreats for a weekend. well Dad would fall off the wagon just about every time she was gone so he got out of control. yelling, breaking things, sometimes he'd miss a vase and hit me instead. no big deal. i got used to constantly being afraid." i said. it was hard for me to talk about in the beginning. i never told Nana but yet i could tell Niall.

i could tell he was shocked. "is that all? did he ever do anything else?and he did that every once in a while or..." he trailed off leaving me to finish his sentence. "that was it. mostly. it was usually verbal abuse, and maybe physical. but all he did was call me worthless or ugly or a waste of human capacity and smack me around but thats it. ask me about something else please, i really dont want to talk about it." i said. he just nodded his head. "do you have to do school while your here?" he asked. "nope. i got my GED when i was 15 and i just graduated from my online culinary school. all my degrees and im only 19!" i said and smiled. i was relieved to be done with school.

we talked for a while and finally arrived. when we walked in the boys were already spread out all over the living room talking about dinner. "i want Nandos." Zayn said. "whats that?" i asked. all of the boys, including Niall, whipped their heads around to stare at me. "you've. never. had. nandos?" Zayn asked. his eyes wide, like i had just told a 3 year old there was no Santa. i shook my head in response. "it's an amazing African place. you have to try it. we eat there all the time, and i mean ALL the time. like probably 4 meals a week. they love us." Niall said and smiled at me. "who doesn't love all of y'all?" i asked. they snickered at my southern words and i plowed on. "no Nandos tonight!" i said and they all looked at me again, but this time sad instead of shocked. "why?" Liam asked. "No nandos?" Zayn looked crushed. "but....but..." Louis started. "you might kill us." Niall said. "Works for me" Harry said. i smiled at him. "i'm cooking. it's a surprise." i said and smiled sneakily and then walked into the kitchen, feeling their eyes on me as i left.

house : http://www.houzz.com/photos/851533/Hadley-Residence-tropical-exterior-birmingham
room : http://www.houzz.com/photos/17424/SHH-modern-bedroom-london

next chapter will be out tomorrow...probably :)

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