How Cato and Clove Won The Games

PG-13 for slight cussing, violence, gore, and some intimacy

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Chapter 2

These violent delights have violent ends...

It becomes our unspoken agreement to practice before and after Training. I'm teaching Cato to improve his aim with the knife and he helps me with hand to hand combat.

It's our 3rd day in the Capitol, and it's probably around 11 PM. We're in the living room, he's trying to get me to pin him down. But of course, he knows all the secrets, all the little ways to avoid capture.

I glare at him as his strong hands pin down my shoulders another time. He grins back down at me, enjoying this weak compeition.

"One of these days..." I mutter as he helps me up. He laughs, "One of these days what? What are you going to do to me, Clove?"

I couldn't help the weak, breathless way my voice sounded, "I'm going to phuck you up, Cato."

He barked a quick laugh, and I made the mistake of turning my back on him to wipe my face with a towel, and his hands grabbed my stomach from behind, bringing me down hard on the ground.

"What the phuck, Cato!" I exclaimed as soon as I hit the ground. The impact made me lose breath for a moment, but I was quick enough to recover. I brought myself to a crouch before him, tensing for a pounce.

"You look like a cat." He says bluntly, leaning down in his own about-to-attack-stance.

I make my eyes narrow, because that's what cats do. I kept my eyes locked on his blue ones. How strange. They Crystal, light blue. Not the dark colour I'd imagined every time he took me down.

"Are you distracted by my beauty?" He asked, smirking. I felt the heat rise to my cheeks before I could stop it. I pounced to cover it, finding purchase on his broad shoulders. I twisted around until I was on his back.

"Oh my God, you little monkey!" He said, trying to jab at me, but I just kept moving and twisting and turning.

I put my lips to his ear so he heard me, "I can snap your neck right now." He chuckled, his voice ominous, "I'm sure you would."

"I would." I say, and as soon as my hand snake around his neck, he twists me so immediately that I'm in his arms, like a child being cradled.

"Drop me!" I exclaim, and he chuckles again, "You'll get hurt." I roll my eyes, unclasping my hands from around his neck, "That never stopped you before." I wriggle until I slip out of his arms.

"You like it when it hurts." Cato replies, smirking at his own words. I roll my eyes again, stretching and not replying.

"I'm going to bed." I announce, walking into the hall to my room, but then he's calling me back. I turn around, scowling, "What?"

"Pin me down and I'll let you go to bed." He challenges, right behind me, grinning down confidentially at me.

"I can't." I reply, whining like a child. Why was he dragging this on? Did he need that much of a confidence boost?

"Come on. Please?" He says, but it doesn't sound like he's asking. It sounds like he's demanding.

But of course, as usual, I can't turn the challenge down. My mind switches tactics flawlessly, "Cato, I really can't."

He rolls his eyes, "Come on, Clove!"

I keep insisting and he keeps on insisting right back. As soon as he turns to motion towards the living room floor, I tackle him, right to the ground.

I grin, pinning his shoulders down and his legs as well. He stares up at me, still seemingly confused, "When did...fine, whatever." His eyes are focused now, alert and hungry.

"I can easily get out from under you. Push down harder on my knees, and less on my arms." He tells me, and it's so surprising I just look at him, confused.

His eyes are earnest, "No, really. I'm helping you." Tensing for attack, I do what he says. As soon as I do he nods, "Now, in the Games, if you do this to someone, it's probably best to cut off their voice, in case they have an ally."

I raise an eyebrow, "Why are you telling me this?"

"Because we're going to be allies anyway, I don't want you to get yourself killed. You may as well be useful."

Allies? "We're gonna be allies?"

"Of course, you didn't expect me to let you die in there, did you?" Cato said, his voice losing it's usual Cato attitude. He looks surprised at himself and recovers smoothly, "If you died, who else could I pin down?"

I roll my eyes and stand up, offering my hand. He smirks, and before I have a chance to snatch my hand back, I'm on the ground immediately. I scowl, taking the hand that he offered. He pulls me up effortlessly.

"Are you...sleeping over again, tonight?" I says uneasily, blushing. It was the first time either of us had mentioned it. Cato had been sharing either the floor or the bed with ever since the first time.

Cato clears his throat a moment, walking down the hall already. He hesitates before nodding. I nod even though he doesn't see me.

Cato ignored his room, and opened my door. He walked over to the bathroom before I got the chance to. The water started for the shower and I sighed.

"Don't take all the hot water!" I yell in the general direction of the bathroom door. Cato immediately opened the door, showing only his face, "Want so save water and shower together?"

I scowl and throw my shoe at the door. Cato shut the door quickly, forcing the shoe to hit the door instead.

I sit on my bed and wait impatiently for Cato to finish showering. I took my hair out of a ponytail and put the hair tie on my wrist for something to do. I sigh several different times and eventually started counting backwards from 100.

When I got to 17, Cato entered the room, a towel around his waist. I jump up from the bed and mutter, "Finally!"

Cato barked a laugh and left the room into the hallway to get his clothes. I enter the bathroom and lock the door behind me.

I turn on the hot water and strip down. I jump into the steaming water and sigh in content. The day had been long. Full of the luxurious food and Cato. I still have trouble wrapping my head around the face that he plans on us being allies.

I rub the thick goo into my hair and quickly wash it out. I wash my body fast, almost getting squirted with mysterious pink goo from a mis-click.

I stop the water just as it starts to get cool. I climb out and see my skin is a bit red. I shudder in the new cold air and wrap myself in a towel. I stare at myself in the mirror for a minute or so, then I start to dry my hair with a smaller towel.

I make sure it's not dripping anymore and wrap the towel firmly around my shoulders. I open the door and make sure to not make eye contact with Cato. I feel his eyes on me as I walk to the drawers. I quickly snatch up my pajamas and head back into the bathroom to change.

I see that I grabbed a white tank top and a black bra. Great. Now it's going to look strange. I sigh and put it on anyway. I pull on my underwear and shorts, then toss the towel in the small hamper in the corner of the bathroom.

I enter the room again and see Cato's in the bed. I make a face. I wanted the bed tonight. As I walk over to the other side of the bed where the other person who didn't get the bed usually sleeps, I see Cato set up the bed for me.

A nice thin blanket to make sure the rug doesn't irritate my skin, a fluffy pillow, and thick covers. I smile at the floor and steal a glance at Cato. He's grinning confidentially at me.

"Well...thanks." I say, and lay down on the make-shift bed. He shrugs in response and looks thoughtful, "You know, you could just sleep up here."

"That'd be weird." I say with a face.

"What? Why?" He says, like it's absurd that I thought that. I sit up uncertainly, looking for any kind of joke in his eyes. They look challenging as usual, but not joking.

I pull the blankets and pillow with me and climb onto the bed beside him. My heart hammers for some reason. I situate myself, putting the pillow down and wrapping myself in blankets. Cato just watches with a clear expression.

"Um, night." I say, and he nods, turning away from me, "Night."

I turn away as well and try to get my heart to relax. Why was I so worried? Or...was that a little bit of excitement?

I feel the bed shift and Cato's arms are around my waist, pulling me closer. I tense up and feel my heart hammering more.

"Do you mind?" Cato whispers in my ear. I flinch, and say in an uneven, breath-y voice, "No. Go ahead."

His hands pull me tighter until I'm pressed up against him. In one swift, fluid motion, he flips me so that I'm face to face with him. I give a little gasp and I stare into his beautiful blue eyes.

His eyes look down at my lips, and my heart accelerates. I swallow hard and his lips lightly prod mine. I secure my hands around his head and his eyes close. His hands hold my hips and our lips get acquainted.

When we stop kissing for air, his eyes open and he watches me carefully. Slowly, I say, "Um, that...that was...nice..."

He chuckles, squeezing my hips a bit with his strong hands. I smile slowly, imagining all the girls back in 2 who would literally kill to be me right now.

He leans down to kiss me again and a spasm of pleasure runs through my body. Inspired, I push myself as close to him as I can as the kiss gets more passionate.

I stand up from bed and stretch. My shirt is on the floor, abandoned. I'm in only my undergarments. I am about to dash to my drawer to find clothes when I realize this is silly. Why should I care, now, if he sees me in only this?

I turn back to check on him and see he's sleeping, his arms stretched out to where I was just lying. I smile to myself and find that my clothes-along with Cato's- had been set out.

I feel the colour rise to my cheeks as I think about who could have seen us last night, tangled together.

I change into the clothes and bring Cato's to him. I set it next to him and lightly prod his shoulder.

He eventually wakes up, sees me, and smirks a bit.

"Get changed. Someone set out our clothes." I tell him, trying to sink back into our normal friendship.

I'm about to leave for breakfast when I hear Cato say, "Remember before last night when I said 'you like it when it hurts'? Well, it looks like I was right..." I grin, but don't turn around, and leave the room.

At the breakfast table, Enobaria and Brutus sit silently, eating and drinking. I sit and don't say anything. I serve myself and slowly begin to eat.

Cato soon joins us in the clothes that were set out. He sits on the other side of Enobaria, so she was in the middle of us.

"How were your nights?" Enobaria eventually says to us. I don't think before saying, "I left claw marks on Cato's back."

I bite my lip and swallow hard, looking down at my lap. I hear Cato snicker and Enobaria seems like she's having trouble keeping her food down.

"I think Clove burst my eardrum." Cato adds helpfully. That's when I lose it and start laughing. Brutus joins in eventually and Enobaria stiffly stands from the table and leaves.

I glance at Cato and see he's laughing just as hard as I am. Oh, Cato. I hope I don't have to be the one to kill him in the arena.

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