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Chapter 1


by: Subrina
This is a list of all the stories I've written on Quibblo (including group stories)

I Live To Die
Elzoria Academy
The Strength To Say Goodbye
Fighting For The Memories
Sisters of Darkness
The Life of a Tainted Angel

Quibblo has gotten kind of annoying and not a big part of my life anymore. It's not that big of a deal, just a website. In a week or two, I will delete all of my stories. If you haven't read them already, this is your last chance to. Also, If you like my writing, I have a story written on Wattpad called Forevermore. If you would go on Wattpad and read it, I would be really grateful. :D

So... yeah. Last chance to read my stories, if you want to I mean. They're not that great, and that's one of the reasons I'm deleting them. So again, my story on Wattpad is called Forevermore. I hope you read and enjoy it!



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