Chapter 1

Whether online or not.

Before I start, get a piece of paper. Don't get a pencil. Just a piece of paper is all you need. This isn't something where you're dreams come true if you do something. This is serious.

Take a good look at that piece of paper. This is someone you're bullying (could be anyone). I want you to crumble the paper in to a ball. DO NOT RIP IT. Now, throw it on the ground and stamp on it. DO NOT RIP IT.

Now, pick it up and unfold it. Notice all the markings. Maybe there's a few holes, or scuff marks. Now tell it your sorry, and try to fix it.

It's not perfect anymore, is it? Thoses 'scars' will always be there. No matter how much and long you say sorry and try to fix it.

That's bullying. No matter how long, and how much you try to apologize, and fix the situation. The damage has been made, and scars will stay.

Words hurt. Whether online or in the real world. They hurt bad. You never know how much you hurt someone until it's too late.

It's too late to apologize


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