Book One-Shots

Okay, I've been writing lots of these! I want a one-shot series for book characters. If you see something unlike me it's a request for someone not on this website. Don't be surprised if you see Polyvor links because that is the certain outfit for that character, I suggest you look at them. Thanks for readin' you guys. XXO

Chapter 1

Stadium Seats ~ Percy Jackson

~Sorry if there are typos, I's typing with a broken wrist.~

Percy's P.O.V

I looked at Annabeth, she was livid as I finally said I didn't want a relationship with her anymore. "I can not believe you Perseus! After a year and a half you just want to break up! Why?" I looked at her and said "I told you, I fell out of love with you." She screamed in anger and stalked away to one of the Apollo boys and locked lips with him just to try and make me angry. I just rolled my eyes and walked off to the sword arena. The day was very routine from then on out minus Annabeth making out with random guys trying to get a rise out of me.

I fell asleep on my bunk and then heard Tyson yelling "PERCY! There is a problem outside!" I shot out of bed still half dressed, I followed Tyson outside and closer to Half Blood Hill. The sight I saw was odd, there was a figure standing there unarmed trying to talk calmly to one of the Furies, Alecto. Nico ran up behind me and yelled "Get out of there!" The figure didn't move, suddenly Alecto struck. The girl screamed and I instinctively thew her Riptide "A PEN!" She screamed. "Open it!" I yelled back. She took the cap off and the sword grew. "Sweet! ACK!" The furrie swept next to her face. She rolled to the side and then swung at the hag "Die btcI-I!" She yelled as Alecto popped into a cloud of sand.

She was still looking up as the monster dust fell, her mouth was agape and she started coughing on dead hag. I ran up and said "Are you okay." She spit more dust out of her mouth. "Yeah, eww. Oh thanks for the pen dude." I smiled and said "No problem, I'm Percy by the way."
"Tori Vellechi." Her pale olive skin reminded me of Nico. Suddenly a pale golden light washed her face, I looked up and saw one of those comedy masks. "Daughter of Thalia." Chiron said startling me. "One of the muses, right?" The centaur nodded and said "That's right Percy." I nodded and smiled at Tori. She was wearing a black tank top with a light blue bunny on it, and a pair of flannel pants that were tartan blue and black. She was in her pajamas to, I felt less out of place. "Vicki!" A blond haired saytar ran down the hill at full goat speed. Tori turned around and I figured that her full name was Victoria "What is it River?"
"Oh good your okay!" He hugged her.

She sat in the big house listening to Mr. D rant about new campers "Mr. D, we should let her sleep. It's two in the morning." Chiron said with a smile. "Very well." Mr. D said in a droll voice. I smiled at her and said "I can lead you to your cabin if you want."
"Thanks Percy, glad to see I have more than just one friend here already." I smiled at her and said "Your welcome, come on." I smiled and led her outside. "Erm you do know your shirtless right?" I laughed quietly and said "Yeah, my brother woke me up." She smiled and said "It's cool." I grinned and said "Okay, here's your cabin. Just steal a bunk and get some sleep, oh and here's a Camp Halfblood Shirt and your bag." I handed her the duffel bag and walked out of the cabin. <-- Tori's Outfit

I walked around the camp the next morning, I heard a girlish scream. "Oh no, did Grover eat another shirt?" I muttered. I walked to the sword arena and saw an Ares guy with a horrified look on is face as a girl held him at sword point. I saw her face better and realized it was Tori "Mornin' Tori!" I said. She turned around and said "Oh hello Percy." Her black hair was glimmering in the sunlight. Her honey eyes shined brightly as she smiled, they always seemed to be laughing. I smiled and said "Hm, your pretty good at sword play." She looked at me and said "Well I guess Shakespearean acting helped." I laughed and asked "Do you wanna go take a walk on the beach?" She nodded and said "Sure buddy."

We walked around the water, she was cracking jokes. "I don't know very much about you Tori."
"Well, I hail from the upper east side, in a small Italian neighborhood. My father is an actor who commutes back and forth to Broadway, I am going to be going to this place called Goode High School. My dad is a full blooded Italian who's parents moved him here when he was about three. I'm aspiring to be an actress like my dad, well I mean my dad is an actor but I wanna be like him, not to say that my dad is a woman, I mean how would that work out?" I was laughing quietly as she rambled. She stopped her rant and looked at me slightly confused, I just smiled and said "I go to Goode High School, how old are you?"
"Well I'm turning 18 in two days."
"Really? I turn 18 in a few days." She smiled.

We were almost inseparable that day, her smile made me take flight, if of course I wouldn't gotten shot down by Zeus. Was it wrong to feel almost in love right after I broke up with my ex? I got up the day of her birthday and went to her sister Noel. "Here you go Jackson." I smiled and said "Thanks Noel, I'm going to ask the Hecete cabin to charm it into a sword." I took the ticket necklace. I sprinted to the cabin and saw Joy answer the door "Oh good morning Percy! Is there something you needed, the sun is hardly up." I smiled and asked "Well, I was wondering if you could charm this into a bronze sword for a friend of mine?"
"Hum, Tori?" I nodded and she said "Sure!" I grinned broadly and said "Your the best!" She chuckled and said "Uh-huh."

It took a while but once it was done I ran back to my cabin to look for some wrapping paper. I used some safety scissors and wrapped it up in a little box, Tyson woke up and asked "Percy? What are you doing?" His ratty brown hair looked even messier than usual. "Wrapping a gift for Tori."
"The pretty girl?" Tyson asked. I laughed slightly and said "Yeah the one that laughs a lot. With black hair and brown eyes." He smiled widely and said "You like her?" I blushed and said "I dunno big guy." He just patted my back and smiled asking "Is today her birthday?" I nodded and he said "Oh, I should have gotten her something." I laughed.

I saw Victoria sitting at the Thalia table, she was laughing with her siblings. I waited for breakfast to be over, I walked up to her and said "Happy birthday!"
"Oh~! Thanks Percy!" I pulled the box out of my pocket and said "And here is your present!"
"You didn't ha-"
"Just shut up and take it." I said jokingly she laughed quietly and opened the box. "You got necklace. Wow, what a gift." I laughed and said "Now tap it." She tapped it and it turned into a long sword. "Awesome!" I smiled.

Tori's P.O.V

I stared at Goode High School, it was huge. Percy was talking to some guy with 'salt and pepper' hair, I walked up behind him in my new uniform. (I remember Percy saying in the fourth book that the seniors were wearing school uniforms) I placed my hands over his eyes and did my best Grover impression "Guess who."
"Travis I didn't know you went to my school."
"D/-\mn why does it always sound like Travis!" I cried moving my hands. Percy laughed and said "Hey Tori!" I glared for a moment then laughed saying "Hii~!" The man looked at me and said "Hi I'm Mr. Blofis. I look forward to having you in my English class." I smiled at him and said "I'm Tori Vellechi, honor to meet you."
"See ya later Paul." Percy said as if he was best friends with the guy. The son of Poseidon pulled me down the halls saying "You just met my step-dad." I blinked and said "Oh, cool."

"Gods morning classes were boring." I whined in Percy's ear. "Ya get use to it." He laughed. I straightened out my skirt and said "So....guess what happened?"
"What?" He asked with a smile. "I....Accidentally set the teachers tupay on fire. I mean why was she even wearing one?" He started laughing louder. I grinned and asked "So how was your morning?"
"Eh, good. So what class are you anticipating?"
"Anything with stadium seating, that way they can't tell if I'm sleeping." I joked. His laugh quieted and he said "What is your extra curricular going to be?"
"Drama~!" I sang. We were getting some odd looks but I could have cared less. "I kinda figured. I think we have the next class together, and I think it is stadium seating." I snickered, we'd been hanging out for a few weeks and I was starting to fall for him. His beautiful sea green eyes, messy black hair that always looked great...or like he hadn't brushed it, and his personality. He laughed at what I said, he was a really fun person to talk to. A hand waved in front of my face "Huh?" I asked jumping. "Lunch is almost over, are you gonna eat your fries?"
"Yes!" I said stuffing a couple into my mouth.

I sat in class doodling a picture of River in a tutu, Percy looked over and whispered "Hey I have to tell you something."
"Okay; shoot." I whispered in response. "I erm.... I think it's pretty funny that I fell in love with you the day I broke up with Annabeth and now here I am trying to con-Wait that was easy." I smiled and set my text book up as I kissed his lips finally. I couldn't help it, I had wanted to kiss those lips for almost 3 weeks. Suddenly the book fell and hit a student's head. He turned and saw our lips pressed together and started snickering, we were legal adults, you'd think they'd act mature.

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