This Is Me

i wrote this on my old account felt the need to post on here because it took me forever and it means a lot to me

Chapter 1

The Real Me

by: Bye_____
Everyone serves a purpose on this planet.
Weather it's worth living or dying for we have yet to find out.
we don't know if that purpose is just to put a smile on a face,
save a million from disease or to light up the world with our talent.
we may not know until it's too late,
we may know the moment before.
But in my case, I have't found purpose and yet i still am searching.
I don't want to be just another causualty,
I want to be remembered,
not as the weird girl in your math class or friends of someone well known
but the one who saved a life,
changed the world.
I know I have a potential to do,
but have no clue where it could be achieved.

Until then, I'll settle for making you smile,
its the key to my internal happy.
Ya' wanna know about me?
I'm a very laid back person I go with the flow I'm not perfect,
never have been, i try my best to be truthful and give 100% in everything I do.
I have a lot of friends, but only a few that i can trust.
I'm not good at opening up to people and i dont like to talk about my personal life. My life is simple but complicated.
I forgive but never forget.
Im pretty chill and down to earth and I love to live life to the fullest.
Im a little bit of a tomboy I like to be spontaneous and be outside,
I love adventures and will do just about any daring thing.
I love to get all dressed up! Im here to please the Lord,
so thats what im gonna do. I’ve been told that I’m very loving,
don’t take advantage of it. I make a lot of mistakes,
and I’m slowly learning from them.
People try to bring me down, but I keep my head high.
They’re not worth it. I don’t give up easily, if I want it..
You best believe I’ll try my hardest to get it. I’m an individual,
I don’t follow people and what they do.
I’m my own person and that’s the way its always going to be.
I’m a little weird sometimes,
I love to have fun,
I love to laugh,
I love to smile.
I'm quiet around people I dont know very well or feel like they are judging me,
but when I'm around my close friends and people im comftorable around I become crazy, and you’ll get used to it, everyone always does.
I'm the one who always gets in trouble for talking to my friends and screaming I love you in the halls.
I’m the girl that dances down the hallways at school, and just all of a sudden starts singing loud in the cafeteria.
Staying up all night with friends laughing our heads off, and getting away for acting outrageous in public areas.
So when i'm super quiet then you know somethings wrong.
Well I lack direction but would settle for anything that makes me happy. .
Music keeps me sane, I don't know why.
Probably the fact that its always been there for me because people weren't.
It gives me the words that make me smile,
helped me meet the friends I have today and is some what of my passion.
I sing my heart out to let out my feelings cause I know no one will listen. Shopping is my get away, it makes me happy.
No lie, I go shopping every week,
Some what of my drug, but its a facinating addiction.
I ride horses, another one of my get aways. It makes me feel free.
I have had a lot of boys treat me wrong, so now I have a tendency to sabbatage any relationship Im getting into. Im terribly insecure.
This is me, and no one is going to change it.
I thought I had my whole life figured out,
but I just recently realized that my life is far from being figured out,
I’m still trying to find myself and who I am exactly.

But yea, I'm the biggest loser, with the biggest smile.

There is allot you still don't know about me so I'm going to write it here and post the link in my about me,

I was born in Stratford Ontario Canada on the 25th September 1997 at around 11:14am about 9 minutes after my twin sister Mckayla who committed suicide last year due to being bullied badly.

I have 3 older brothers and a younger brother and sister who are my life, without them I wouldn't have a reason to be on this planned,

I have been so close to ending my life and have literally flat lined but I'm so very grateful god let me live,
I realised I was selfish and wasn't thinking about my family and friends.

My older cousin is the singer Justin Biebr but I would rather you didn't mention it because I don't like talking about it,
We decided we would no longer be speaking to eachother due to haters I couldn't take the hate anymore and decided to cut off all connections with anyone who could possibly lead to me getting hate.

I am fourteen years old, I used to be a cheerleader but I gave it up because I had health issues which meant I could no longer cheer,

I love playing sports especially Ice Hockey, basketball, soccer, tennis, football.

I was on the track and tennis team at school before I left (I am returning maybe before summer) to start recording my first album which will be released at the end of next year,

I am currently doing online schooling,

I love dancing, singing and being very random and hyper.

I believe that things happen for a reason and God loves us all,

I am usually a happy girl and I don't like upsetting people and when I do I feel really guilty and apologise repeatedly.

My friends mean so much to me without them I don't think I would have achieved what I have today they are amazing and I love them.

When I was 3 years old I moved from Canada to Georgia where I grew up, I moved to Los Angeles a year ago but I will always remember where I came from.

I don't like when people call me names especially "ugly" or "fat" it really hurts me because I know I'm not ugly, no one is.
God created us to look a certain way so we should not change it with make up or plastic surgery and as for being called fat, it hurts so bad especially since I suffered with Bulimia and spend months in a treatment center.

I love one direction, Taylor swift, Diego gomes, Demi lovato, selena gomez, miley cyrus, big time rush, Carly Rae jepsen, Payton Rae, Cody Simpson, greyson chance, Jordan Jansen, brogan burnside, the wanted, never shout never.


In class I am usually the quiet kid who gets straight A+ I don't know why because I spent most of my time either drooling over my best friend (ex) or staring out the window.
I was the nerd who everyone wanted to beat up because I was clever and because of who my cousin is, the day I moved from Georgia was actually the best thing to happen to me. Every single day I was bullied for the way I looked, acted and because I was clever,
I usually try stay back from drama although I do cause allot of it,
Even though I was bullied at school I was popular, everyone used to follow me around school begging me to sign their school bags, I felt it was pretty stupid but my friends Caitlin and Christian were cool with it, all the fame is so natural to them but to me I'll never be able to handle people chasing me down the streets and verbally attacking the people I love.

My dream is to become a singer, and I have actually fulfilled my dream as I said about my album will probably be out next year, it will be allot different from my cousins music, probably older and mature as it will express how I feel and low points in my life,
I don't want to be famous I just want to share my story and help others. And make people know that they are loved.


I'll probably be adding random chapters to this regularly so check back.

Peace out.


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