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Chapter 1

The Hotel...


A man was working in London and he lived in California. The day he was meant to come back, he had been flying for hours and by the time he was back in America, it was 10pm and he was too tired to keep on travelling that day. He found a hotel, but it was VERY run down and old and nobody (by what he could tell) was staying there, but by this time he didn't care. He went inside the hotel and asked the woman behind the desk for his room key.
"Here you go." Said the woman, handing him a key, with a strange shape on it.... It looked like a pair of eyes....
"Thank you!" He replied, relieved he didn't have to search for another hotel.
"But....." The woman stopped him.
"What?" The man asked.
"Don not, i repeat do not go out of your room after midnight..." The woman whisped, she looked paranoid, like she didn't want to work here.
"Why?" The man said, kind of freaked out.
"That doesn't matter.... JUST DO NOT LEAVE YOUR ROOM AFTER MIDNIGHT..." She whispered again.
"....okay....." He said. He was weirded out by this creepy woman.
He walked up to his room.

The man was weirded out by that creepy woman from earlier.

The man thought that it was a joke.

Thinking the woman was crazy or if anything on drugs (lol).

The man was startled by the clock striking 12am (midnight).
Almost straight away, the man heard stomping outside of his room. He was too scared to check it out, but, like anyone would be, was very curious. The man decided to look through the keyhole of the door.
He saw a young girl, about 14 years old, with pale white skin and long white hair running up and down the hallway, playing. The man was annoyed and was about to go out there and tell her to go straight to her room, but then remembered what the woman had said and went to sleep.

The next, he did the same thing and saw the exact same girl.

The last day he was staying, at 12am (midnight) he looked out of the keyhole but saw nothing, but redness. He was disappointed, but decided to go to sleep.

The next morning, he went to the woman at the desk and gave her the key.
"So, how did you sleep?" She said, unevenly.
"Well.....but...." The man said, slowly.
"Yes?" The woman said, yet it seemed like she knew what was coming.
"For two nights in a row, at midnight, I looked out of the keyhole and saw a young girl playing in the hallway. I was going to tell her to go to her room, but i remembered what you said and went to sleep." He replied. He was shaken up quite a bit.
"But, on the third night, all I saw was redness."
"'s the thing. A 14 year old girl fell down the stairs while playing in the hallway and broke her neck. Now she haunts this hotel and thats why nobody ever comes here.
"Oh..." The man whispered. He was terrified.

The man walked out and as soon as he stepped out onto the first concrete step, he realiesed something.
On the last night, when all he could see was redness. When he was looking at the girl. The girl.....was looking at HIM....

As soon as he realized this, he looked straight back the hotel, terrified. As soon as he did, he saw the girl standing in the window, grinning from ear to ear.
The man turned around quickly and suddenly fell to the floor.
The girl started laughing hystericaly....
Laughing at what she had done....
Laugh, because she had just murdered the one who had looked into her eyes.....
-----YOU'RE NEXT....-----


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