Our Moments♥ A Larry Stylinson FanFic/Love Story ♥

Chapter 3

That morning.

**Louis POV**

As I rolled over I found harry in my bed, I stared at him for a few seconds and began to blush. He was adorably amazingly cute. I licked his nose and laid my head next to his. I knew he must have been scared of the thunderstorm last night. How silly of me. I tried to get up but when I did I felt arms wrap around my legs. Harry looked up at me. "Don't Leave me" He said. I Looked down at his gorgeous greenish blue eyes and laid back down with him. I sighed of relief when I saw we were both wearing boxers. I get.."Akward" Down there if we are naked. hehe.
This is all I have for now. Sorry Guys!

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