Avengers Assemble (Avengers:Hawkeye)

Hello young comic fans!You've been waiting for a Avengers story haven't you?Well guess what?I'm making two of them!Both,of course Hawkeye.Maybe even a Justice League...?
So,twists and turns will come in this story,but make sure to use your imagination so it feels like a comic book.
Okay?Hope you guys loooove it!

Chapter 3


"Did you really have a friend named Baron?"Hawkeye asked me,as I sat in my bed.
"Yes."I said,closing it.
"What was he like?"He asked.I laughed.
"Baron was the happiest person I had ever met.Energized for sure.But then I saw Zemo kill my best friend,and I just changed.I was forced to work here,and one night I kept Baron's file for myself.After all no one would need it.I found some old pictures of us,put one above my heart."I said,pointing to the locket above my heart.

"That's sweet."He said.
"Black Widow?"I asked.
"What?"He asked.
"Black Widow is your Baron?"I asked.He sighed.
"I suppose.She betrayed us."He said.
"I'm going to bed."I said,laying down and curling up in a ball.
"Up,up,up.We're leaving."Tony said.
"What?Why?"I asked.
"Get up."He said,grabbing my arm.I stood up and he grabbed my hand and dragged me out of the ship.He jumped off,taking off in his Iron Man suit.
"What are you doing?!"Hawkeye yelled.I turned around,as the wind threatened to take me off.
"Tony needs me,I guess.Sorry Hawky."I said.He grabbed my arm.

"Don't leave.Stay with m-..Us."He said.I took my hand out of his grip.
"I can't."I said,running off the platform and jumping off.I took off flying,watching my reflection on the water.I looked up as I heard people screaming.I flew around the building at the last minute,then landed on Stark's Tower.
"What took you so long?"He asked.I opened my mouth to tell him,but closed it.
"Nevermind."I said,walking to my room.

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