Avengers Assemble (Avengers:Hawkeye)

Hello young comic fans!You've been waiting for a Avengers story haven't you?Well guess what?I'm making two of them!Both,of course Hawkeye.Maybe even a Justice League...?
So,twists and turns will come in this story,but make sure to use your imagination so it feels like a comic book.
Okay?Hope you guys loooove it!

Chapter 20

Happy Ending/Last Chapter

~A Few Months Later~
"Okay,on three?"I asked.He nodded.
"I'm Pregnent with twins."
"I have to go on a mission."
"What?"I whispered.
"Are you serious?"He asked,smiling.
"You can't leave."I said.

"I have too."He said.
"Well beg not too.I need you."I said.
"I'm gonna be gone for a year."He whispered.
"No.Barton don't leave me."I said.
"I'm so sorry.I have too."He said.
"You can't!Clint you can't leave me!"I yelled.
"Fury's going to fire me if I don't!"He yelled.

I grabbed onto him,crying into his shoulder.
"Their due in September."I whispered.
"I'll try to be back.I promise I'll try my best."He said,holding onto me.
I pulled away from him,taking his face in my hands.
"Come back to me alive.No injuries.Do you hear me?"I asked.He wiped the tears from my face with his thumb.
"I promise.Have two beautiful babies.Keep them safe."He said.

"Tony and Pepper are gonna help me so I can't promise."I smiled.
"I'll beat him up if he messes up my kids."He said.
"I love you so much."I said.
"I'll love you until the day I die."He said.
"I know."
"I knew it."Tony said,clapping his hands together.
"I'm sorry,Tony.I know we're not ready for a kid running around but I need you."I said.
"I never said Pepper and I wouldn't help."Tony said.
"Really?!"I yelled.
"We'll do whatever we can."Pepper said,smiling.

"Thank you so much!"I said,hugging both of them.
"Your welcome,Mari."Tony said.
"What's her name?"Pepper asked.
"Actually..There's Two."I said,holding my stomach.
"There's two.Pepper get the Iron Baby Suits ready."Tony said.
"Dont you dare put my kids in Iron Suits."I said.
"No promises."
"These kids are too cute to put in Iron Baby Suits."Tony whispered,holding my baby girl.Pepper held my boy as I wiped my face off with a towel.
Widow,Captain,Banner and Fury walked into my hospital room.
"Hey guys."I said.
"You okay?"Banner asked,sitting next to me.
"I'm good.Hurting,but I'm good."I said.

"What are their names?"Widow asked,smiling.
"Haven't decided."I said.
"How about Bucky and Dynamo?"Tony asked.
"No."Steve said.
"Blues and Clues?"Tony asked.
"Bucky and Remi."I said.I faintly remember reading the comics about Bucky.How he was always there for Cap.Just like my boy will be there for my girl.How Tony is there for me.

"You sure?"Fury asked.I smiled at Steve holding his hand.
"I'm sure."I said.
"Is he coming?"I asked Fury immpatiently.
"He'll be here."He said.
"What if he-"
"Shut up."Tony groaned.
"Mari!"Hawkeye yelled.I ran over to him,jumping into his arms.I wrapped my arms around his neck,tears falling down my face.
"I love you.I missed you,Hawkeye.So much."I said.

"I missed you too,but I kept my promise didn't I?"He asked.
"And I kept mine."I said,kissing him.
"Hey,the kids are crying."Tony yelled.
I pulled away from him,holding his hand and leading him to our kids.
"What are their names?"Hawkeye asked,holding the boy in his arms.
"Bucky and Remi."I said.
"Bucky?"He asked.

"You'll get it.Aren't they beautiful?"I asked.
"Good to have you back Barton."Fury said.
"Glad to be home."He said.
"She was getting annoying.Hope you two plan on moving out."Tony said.
"I'll be visiting,you know."I said.
"Darn.."He said.

"I already have that place for us,remember?"Hawkeye asked.I smiled,remembering our talk in the car.
"Let's get to it then."I said.Pepper smiled at the two of us.
"I'll miss you."I said,hugging her.
"I'll miss you too.And the little guys."Pepper said.
"What am I gonna do with the Iron Man Baby Suits?"Tony asked.

"Keep them for your kids."I suggested.
"Maybe."Pepper said,kissing Tony's cheek.
"I love you,Tony."I said,hugging him.
"I'll miss you sis."He said,patting my head.
I got into the car,Hawkeye strapping the babies into the backseat.
"Bye Pepper!"I said.
"Goodbye,Mari."She said.

I slammed the door as Hawkeye got in and shut his.
"Ready?"He asked.
"To go spend the rest of our lives together?"I asked.
"Yep."He said.I held his hand.
"I'm very much ready."I said,kissing him gently.
"WOOO!"Tony yelled.I smiled at him,waving bye as Hawkeye drove away.
My life was now perfect now that I had him in it.

How did you all like it?It's offically finished,but don't worry there's another story coming your way.It might have something to do with a Behind The Scenes of whatever this movie is...Let me know if it's a wanted story!

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