Avengers Assemble (Avengers:Hawkeye)

Hello young comic fans!You've been waiting for a Avengers story haven't you?Well guess what?I'm making two of them!Both,of course Hawkeye.Maybe even a Justice League...?
So,twists and turns will come in this story,but make sure to use your imagination so it feels like a comic book.
Okay?Hope you guys loooove it!

Chapter 2

Hello Parking Meter!

"Your kidding right?"I asked.
"Nope!You can make a scream that can kill anyone who hears it!And fly!"Doctor said excitedly.
"Why don't I believe you?"I asked.
"Wanna test it?"Hawkeye asked.
"On the girl,sure."I said spinning the chair to look at her.
"I meant on me."Hawkeye said.

"You do realize it could kill you..Correct?"I asked.
"Yes."He said.
"If you'd like to-"
"No.Agent Barton will not be testing.You will test on one of our villans."Fury said."We have them locked up.We'll bring one out and you can scream."
"Mmm.Fun,Fun,Fun."I said.
"Are you sure this is real?"I heard Tony ask.
"It'll work.We just have to scare her enough for it to work the first time and then she'll get used to it."Doctor said.
"I live with the girl.She doesn't scare easily."Tony said.
"Well we'll make her scared."Fury said.
"Uh,guys.The window's kinda open."I yelled.Hawkeye,Tony and Fury turned back to me.

"How much of that did you hear?"Hawkeye asked.From behind me I heard the door open and the footsteps of someone.I looked in the reflection of the mirror.
how do I fly?
Maybe like Tony does..But that's an advanced metal suit.
"All of it."I said,jumping up.With much force,I flew up and held my hands out to steady me.The villan looked up.
"Who is this?"I asked.
"Baron Zemo."Fury yelled.
"Nice to meet you."Baron said.

"I used to have a friend named Baron."I said.
"What happen to him?"Baron asked.
"You killed him."I said,opening my mouth.I screamed as loud as I could,and instead of nothing coming out,a high pitched scream bounced off of the chamber walls and echoed.Tony,Hawkeye and Fury all watched behind the sound proof glass.

I heard a thump,and opened my eye.I sheepishly smiled at the blood that was coming from his ears.Then at that moment I forgot to concentrate on flying and I dropped down onto the floor.
"You okay?"Tony asked,opening the door.I walked in.
"Yeah..That was actually kinda fun."I said.
"Kinda?Being a superhero isn't suppost to be fun-"
"Well then why'd you hire me?I'm here to make it fun,right Tony?"I asked.
Tony just stood there,but when I turned to glare at him he covered his ears.
"YES!She's here to make it fun!Just don't scream.."

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