Stole My Heart- A Niall Horan love story (part 1)

Chapter 3

I think it's love.

You guys stop kissing and Niall looks into your eyes. He smiles. He holds you in his arms you're squirming around and he carries you out of the river. Your arms are around his neck and you kiss him once more. He lets you down, and you guys dry off. On your hike, you guys pass a bunch of animals, take pictures, and talk about the most random stuff. You love being in nature and walking, the fresh air is what you needed. Niall holds you by the waist and you two eventually reach the top of the mountain. He takes your hand and says "be careful" you two walk to the edge and look out . You guys are so high up and the scenery is beautiful! You can see everything from up here. He pretends to push you and laughs, you laugh and slap him in the arm as a joke. An older couple approaches and Niall asks the woman "Hi ma'am can you take our picture please?" "sure thing!" she takes Niall's camera and positions it. Niall has his arm around your waist and you two smile brightly. She takes the picture and asks if you want another one. Niall says yes, and he grabs your waist, you laugh and put your arms around his neck and you guys kiss. she snaps the picture and hands the camera back to Niall. She starts to recognize him and says
"Wait, aren't you that boy from that new boy band?" Niall laughs and says "Yes, im Niall!"
"MY god, my grand daughter absolutely loves you! mind if i have an autograph for her?" Niall signs the autograph and the elderly couple goes on with their walk.
"Should we go set up camp?" Niall asks.
"Yea, it's starting to get dark, we should go find a spot." you say.
You and Niall set up the tent, and start a fire. You throw a sweatshirt on, and sit down on the log next to the fire. niall brings a bag of marshmallows, chocolate, and graham crackers. He plops down next to you, and hands you a stick. You put a marshmallow on it, and hover it over the fire. Niall does the same. He looks at you and says
"i have a surprise for you after this" and smiles.
"What is it?" you ask
"You have to wait!"
"ahh, fine!" you laugh
You make a perfect s'more and hold it in your hands. You look at Niall, smile, and he opens his mouth. You feed Niall the S'more and he feeds you his. You both have marshmallow and chocolate on your mouth, and kiss each other. You guys laugh so much.
you ask, "What's my surprise?! "
Niall gets up, grabs his guitar out of the tent, and sits back down on the log. the fire is crackling, and you can't wait to hear. He acoustically sings to you One Thing. You stare at him the whole time, amazed, happy, and just so proud. He smiles while he sings and looks into your eyes. after, he leans in and kisses you infront of the fire. He grabs your hand, and you two go off to bed. He holds you close and cuddles with you on the mattress inside the bed. His arms wrapped around you, holding you close. Niall is warm, and gentle. His fingers play with yours, and he hold you close. before you know it, you both fall asleep.

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